The Bronx and The Chats Co-Headlined Phoenix Concert Theatre at Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 20, 2022



A packed crowd filled the Phoenix Concert Theatre as punk rock band The Bronx and The Chats stopped by for a sold-out show in Toronto. It was an unwelcome chilly day, but the show quickly warmed up to a frenzy with four incredibly talented bands performing a slew of hardcore tunes.

Scowl was the first opener of the show, and they didn’t disappoint. Lead vocalist Kat Moss took command onstage from beginning to end with piercing growls while moving fiercely left and right. Circle pits and head banging made their set one of the most entertaining opening sets I have ever seen. Scowl is a band to look out for listeners wanting to find new hardcore music.



Kat Moss – Lead vocalist

Malachi Greene – Guitarist

Bailey Lupo – Bass

Cole Gilbert – Drummer



Drug Church next came on, and they kept the energy going. The post-hardcore band got the middle of the crowd jumping and mosh-pitting to every song in their set. Frontman Patrick Kindlon acknowledged the Canadian crowd for being the nicest audience they performed every time they played in Canada. The crowd’s energy made Drug Church’s set a fun one to watch.



Patrick Kindlon – Lead vocalist

Nick Cogan – Guitarist

Cory Galusha – Guitarist

Patrick Nguyen – Bass

Chris Villeneuve – Drummer




1. Fun’s Over

2. Super Saturated

3. Grubby

4. Avoidarama

5. World Impact

6. Bliss Out

7. But Does It Work?

8. Unlicensed Guidance Counselsor 

9. Unlicensed Hall Monitor

10. Million Miles of Fun

11. Weed Pin



Co-headliner The Chats stepped onstage to the crowd’s excitement. The Australian rock band started a slow intro before blazing through their set with their fast-paced hardcore tunes. The Chats brought madness to the audience as they went wild mosh-pitting and crowd-surfing from start to finish. It was nonstop music that felt never-ending, but the crowd were entertained by The Chat’s whopping 30-song set.



Eamon Sandwith – Lead vocalist, bass 

Matt Boggis – Drummer, backing vocals

Josh Hardy – Guitarist, backing vocals




1. Nambored

2. Billy Backwash’s Day

3. Dead on Site

4. 6L GTR

5. Ross River

6. Stinker

7. Drunk n Disorderly

8. Southport Superman

9. The Kids Need Guns

10. Bus Money

11. Dine n Dash

12. Paid Late

13. Casualty

14. Nazi March

15. AC/DC CD

16. 4573

17. I’ve Been Drunk in Every Pub in Brisbane

18. Panic Attack

19. Temperature

20. Ticket Inspector

21. The Price of Smokes

22. Struck by Lightning

23. Identify Theft

24. Emperor of the Beach

25. Out on the Street

26. Smoko

27. Rock and Roll All Nite (KISS cover)

28. Jet Lighter

29. Better Than You

30. Pub Feed



As the music stopped, the crowd shouted in excitement for The Bronx to come up next. A piece of intro music kicked in as Matt Caughthran, Joby J. Ford, Ken Horne, Brad Magers, and Joey Castillo approached onstage to the sold-out crowd. They kicked off banging with “White Shadow,” and the crowd quickly started to party. The band played through a 15-song setlist that spanned throughout their 20-year career. Matt acknowledged the screaming crowd adding that it felt like a home show because his mom is from Nova Scotia. Matt’s presence was felt throughout the show as he constantly made eye contact with the audience while effortlessly screaming and growling at the songs.

A highlight of the show was later in the set when Matt joined the middle of the crowd on the slippery floor and moshed with everyone. Then, he returned onstage with a fur coat with a new mic before performing “History Stranglers.” The Bronx ended the night with “Around the Horn.” Each member performed immaculate solos in their respective instruments as Matt each gave them a shoutout before the band played the last chorus. The show in the end felt like a celebration of hardcore music, as the crowd was partying from beginning to end. 



Matt Caughthran – Lead vocalist

Joby J. Ford – Guitarist, backing vocals

Ken Horne – Guitarist, backing vocals

Brad Magers – Bass, backing vocals

Joey Castillo – Drummer




1. White Shadow

2. Rape Zombie

3. Shitty Future

4. Heart Attack American

5. Superbloom

6. Under the Rabbit

7. Breaking News

8. The Unholy Hand

9. Curb Feelers

10. False Alarm

11. Knifeman

12. Six Days a Week

13. History’s Stranglers

14. Over the Top (Motörhead cover)

15. Around the Horn





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