The Courettes Supported By The Lotts, The Deaf Institute, Manchester. 5th April, 2023.



Taking a phrase from a well-known Manchester bands t-shirt The Courettes are definitely “Cool as F***”.


The last time I saw The Courettes it was almost 100 degrees in Night and Day last June and they were one of the most vibrant and dynamic live acts I’d seen for a while. Full on Flying Saucer Rock’n’roll with a twist of style and a smidgeon of  Ronnie, Estelle and Nedra thrown in for good measure. Tonight, it’s the intimate Deaf Institute in the heart of student Manchester. Such a cool, cool venue and none more fitting for the Courettes only foray up North this year.

First up though are Warrington’s The Lotts. It’s the first time I’ve caught them live and the drummers Stooges t-shirt gives an idea of what to expect. It’s high energy, ferocious Garage Rock. Fast, loud and perfectly played. They’re an impeccable support for the headliners. Songs such as “Punching Bag” and “You Need It” have the quiff and side burned crowd already moving. There’s something distinctive about The Lotts, I can’t take my eyes off the stage and they make the list for my imaginary festival line-up I’m thinking about organising. They’re definitely on my “to watch again” list too.


The Lotts are: –
Henry Buchananvocals & guitar
Adam Bridge guitar
Joel Norton drums
Jamie Evans – bass



Married couple and dynamic Brazilian/Danish duo Flavia and Martin take to the red, retro looking stage. Flavia glorious in her monochrome 60s dress and beehive. Martin, elegantly cravated, capped and suited.  He holds out one of his drumsticks, his kit front of stage and waits….before the frantic, pounding attack of “Hoodoo Hop” bursts the set into life. There’s no hanging around, it’s a thrilling blend of wall of sound fuzz, savage drums and an introduction to Flavia’s intense guitar, glorious vocals and hypnotic stage presence. The driving go-go “The Boy I Love” follows and is powered by a thunderously booming beat evocative of The Who’s sadly departed drummer. 

Signed to the legendary Damaged Goods label with Buzzcocks, Manic Street Preachers and Amyl and the Sniffers as label mates The Courettes have a reputation of delivering great, great live shows. I’m not going to argue. So far, it’s the garage rock aggressiveness of The Electric Prunes and The Seeds fused with the saccharine sweet sound and glamour of Spector all played perfectly and explosively. Flavia is a captivating, impish performer asking all the female crowd to push to the stage front while Martin adds “and the long-haired guys from The Lotts too”. The twangy guitar laden, beat pop dance number “Time Is Ticking” is faultless. I soon forget that it’s just drums and one guitar on stage because the energy and the personality is soooooo big.

The sheer pace, sparkle and song writing skills continue with “We Are Gonna Die” and “Want You Like a Cigarette”. Both dirty, fuzzed, lo-fi rock and roll driven by incessant drums. Flavia jumps around the stage and twists a magnificent garage rock sound from her guitar, her vocals outstanding. Martin keeps the beat with his bewildering steam train drumming, wrenching raw oomph and sway from his sparse kit spitting water on his cymbals in the heat.  The Courettes are definitely a bona-fide force to be reckoned with and it just keeps getting better and better. “Misfits and Freak” and “Hop the Twig” are sonically charged, fuzzy garage rock tantalizingly drenched full of melodies and the duo’s chemistry sparkles. Live onstage the Courettes are a lot coarser than on their recordings. It’s raw energy and passion aplenty as every song receives rapturous applause.



The Courettes are one of the most exciting, enchanting and vigorous live acts I’ve seen for a while.  Stylish and energetic they put every ounce of energy and stamina into what they do. They rock, they roll and they look cool too. In fact, taking a phrase from a well-known Manchester bands t-shirt The Courettes are definitely “Cool as F***”. I can’t imagine one of my playlists without “Trash Can Honey”, “Boom! Dynamite!”, “Push it too hard” or “The Boy I Love”. You’d be a fool not to hear or see them when you can. Long live Rock’n’roll. Long live The Courettes. 


The Courettes are: –
Flavia Couri  Vocals, Guitar
Martin Couri – Vocals, Drums




1/ Hoodoo Hop

2/ The Boy I Love

3/ Time Is Ticking

4/ R.I.N.G.O.

5/ Until You’re Mine

6/ Daydream

7/ Trash Can Honey

8/ Want You! Like a Cigarette

9/ Night-time (The Boy of Mine)

10/ Edge of My Nerves

11/ Tough Like That

12/ We Are Gonna Die

13/ Boom! Dynamite!

14/ Strawberry Boy

15/ All about you

16/ Hop The Twig

17/ Misfits and Freaks

18/ Won’t Let You Go