The Descendents and Circle Jerks hit the U.C. Theatre in Berkeley California August 25, 2022


Thursday August 25, 2022 found the U.C. Theatre in Berkeley California packed to the gills. Why was that? It was because The Descendents were on tour with The Circle Jerks for the first time in over 35 years! These two iconic bands are responsible for forming the sounds of so many of the punk rock bands since each of them dropped their first albums. This was one of those double headliner shows in that both bands could have easily been the headliner any night. Tonight, they were supported by the Bay Area’s own Grumpster.


 Grumpster was up first and I was not familiar with them coming in to this show but, by the second song I was a fan. This youthful, high energy band had the pit going almost immediately. Donnie Walsh, the lead singer/bass player worked the stage and the crowd like a seasoned pro. The band showed their versatility towards the end of their set encouraging the people on the dance floor to grab a dance partner and fall in love. The next song, they were back to the hard driving punk rock we all know and love.


Grumpster are:

Donnie Walsh -bass/vocals

Lalo Gonzalez Deetz – guitar

Noel Agtane -drums

Alex Hernandez – guitar



When The Descendents hit the stage, it was like a bomb going off. The intense release of energy from not only the crowd but, the band as well was just what I expected. This set was the set I had been waiting for since the 1980’s. Opening with “Everything Sucks”, they ran the gamut of their discography with “Coolage”, “Myage” “Weinerschnitzel” “I’m the one” and the apropos “When I Get Old”. Overall, they played somewhere around 30 songs. In fact, they played just about every classic Descendents song that we all know and love. They even played the song I sing to my wife every time she makes up the bed… “Clean Sheets”. I would bet that not one person left thinking, “man, I wish they would have played…”. Milo sang with the intensity of a man half his age and legitimately, looked like he was having the time of his life. The incomparable Bill Stevenson pounded the drums as only he does all the while having a huge grin on his face. These guys were loving life.


The Descendents are:

Karl Alvarez – Bass 

Milo Aukerman – Vocals 

Bill Stevenson – Drums 

Stephen Egerton – Guitar




1.) Everything Sux

2.) Hope

3.) Coolidge

4.) I Like Food

5.) Silly Girl

6.) Victim of Me

7.) Sailor’s Choice

8.) ‘Merican

9.) Nightage

10.) Weinerschnitzel

11.) Clean Sheets

12.) I Wanna Be a Bear

13.) Rotting Out

14.) Myage

15.) When I Get Old

16.) On Paper

17.) My Dad Sucks

18.) Without Love

19.) I’m Not a Punk

20.) Nothing With You

21.) Van

22.) Coffee Mug

23.) Bikeage

24.) I’m the One

25.) I Don’t Want to Grow Up

26.) Thank You

27.) Suburban Home

28.) Smile



 When the Circle Jerks hit the stage the crowd was still amped up from the last set. This tour was focusing on the 40th anniversary of two iconic Circle Jerks albums, Group Sex  and Wild in the Streets . Most of the tracks came off those albums with a few more worked in. The entire set was broken up in to five to six song blocks. As the 67 year old Morris said, he needs time to catch his breath and hydrate. While the breaks weren’t always welcomed by some, I think everyone in the pit were thankful for them. Again, the set was about 30 songs and filled with iconic tracks like “Stars and Stripes”, “Beverly Hills”, “Coup D’état” and finally finished up with “Red Tape”. The Circle Jerks always put on a great show and reminds us all what 80’s punk rock was all about. 


The Circle Jerks are:

 Keith Morris – vocals

Greg Hetson – guitar

Zander Schloss – bass

Joey Castillo – drums



This was one of those shows that it truly is “all ages”. I saw teens to people in their 60’s in the crowd and every age in between. This was one of those shows, if you are an old punk, you wait a lifetime for. If you’re a young punk, this is the show you thought you’d never see.. Two of the most iconic punk bands of all time under one roof. My only regret is that I couldn’t make it for the second night. Two nights in a row would have been awesome. 






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