The Dickies Invade The Ivy Room in Albany, California November 13 2021


The Ivy Room in Albany California is a neighborhood bar and music venue steeped in Bay Area music history. Originally opened in the early 1940’s, this 200 person venue hosts a myriad of local and global acts of all musical genres. Tonight is The Dickies with Lost Puppy Forever and the Lolly Gaggers.

Lost Puppy Forever was up first. This musical duo consists of a bass player and drummer. It felt a bit odd at first but, it works. The bass player, dressed in a dog onesie, belted out the vocals while the drummer, dressed in a full on dog costume, kept the beat going. The short set of “dog rock” was full of energy and positive dog messages. Two standout songs were “Storm Area 51 Can’t Stop Us All” and “Pizza Song”. The crowd seemed to agree.


Lost Puppies Forever are:

Scarlet Puppy -Bass & Vocals
Boom Puppy – Drums & Vocals


 Next up were the Lolly Gaggers. This all queer quartet from the Bay Area, California. Their quick 9 song set consisted of songs ranging from life in a pandemic to loss of a friend to just life being gay. Their charismatic lead vocalist Cary, sporting dark wrap around sunglasses, delivered the meaningful and poignant lyrics like a seasoned pro. He finally removed his glasses to get serious for a moment as he discussed the dangers of the opiate epidemic and the benefits of carrying Narcan to save lives. 


The Lolly Gaggers are:

Eden Grace – drums
Cary Escovedo – vocals
Blair Menn – guitar, vocals
Critter Fetkovich – bass



Last, but not least, was the Dickies. This legendary punk band hit the stage for it’s second show today (there was a matinee set earlier). The lead singer Leonard Graves Phillips (who turned 65 this year) and the guitarist Stan Lee, bantered back and forth about this being the matinee show part 2 and this being the late show. They eventually agreed that its a French word and moved on to start the show. Most of the songs came off the first three albums and are all certified punk classics. The set also contained four cover songs, the Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin”, The Quick’s “Pretty Please Me”, Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” and P.F. Sloan’s “Eve of Destruction”. My personal favorites were “You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)” and “Gigantor”. These have been my favorite Dickies songs since high school. It was obvious they were crowd favorites as well as the pit blew up. They finished the set with a newer song, “Banana Split (The Tra La La Song)”. This song is well on its way to being a Dickies classic.  I am glad I finally got to see them and they did not disappoint.


The Dickies are:

Leonard Graves Phillips – Vocals
Stan Lee – Guitar
Ben David Seelig – guitar
Adam Gomez – drums
Eddie Tatar – Bass




Dickies Setlist:

1.) Rosemary
2.) Nights in White Satin (The Moody Blues cover)
3.) I’m OK, You’re OK
4.) Give It Back
5.) Fan Mail
6.) Pretty Please Me (The Quick cover)
7.) (I’m Stuck in a Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota
8.) I Hate Punk Rock
9.) Got It at the Store
10.) Gary Glitter Getaway
11.) The Dreaded Pigasaurus
12.) Waterslide
13.) Manny, Moe and Jack
14.) Wagon Train
15.) She’s a Hunchback
16.) Doggy Do
17.) Curb Job
18.) You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
19.) Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)
20.) Gigantor


21.) Killer Klowns
22.) Eve of Destruction (P.F. Sloan cover)
23.) Banana Split (The Tra La La Song)




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