The Hu – Celebrate World Earth Day By Planting 12 000 Trees in shape of their logo with the Landart Project

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Celebrate World Earth Day April 22 With Landart Project 
Campaign To Plant 12,000 Siberian Elm Trees Shaped In Bands Logo In Southeast Mongolia To Help Offset DesertificationBand Share English-Translated Lyric Video For  “Mother Nature” 
Deluxe Edition Of ‘Rumble Of Thunder’ Out June 30

UNESCO “Artist of Peace” designees THE HU have become a global sensation with their groundbreaking blend of traditional Mongolian throat singing and native instrumentation with modern western rock which they describe as “hunnu rock.” 

Their namesake, “Hu,” corresponds to the root of the word “human being” in Mongolian and represents their commitment to spread awareness for cultural diversityrespect for nature and equality for humankind throughout their music. To celebrate World Earth Day (April 22), THE HU have announced plans to plant 12,000 Siberian Elm trees in the desert-barren area of Southeastern Mongolia in the shape of their logo–a one-horned leopard, based off an ancient symbol used by the Hun tribes.

The LandArt campaign is in partnership with the environmental institution, SHAMBALE2056 Engineering Campus, LLC, which has been relentlessly working in the area on several restoration projects and eco-friendly irrigation and energy systems.  The trees being planted are Siberian Elms due to their strong root system and low water requirements which will help fight the rapid deforestation of the Gobi because of sandstorms and climate change. Digging efforts will begin in May and THE HU will offer fans the opportunity to purchase a tree to help fund the cause, details of which will be announced in the coming weeks.


To further commemorate World Earth DayTHE HU have shared the English-translated lyric video for their environment-focused single “Mother Nature,” taken from the forthcoming deluxe version of their 2022 album RUMBLE OF THUNDERdue June 30 via Better Noise Music

“Everyone in this world belongs to a mother and this song narrates the similarities between one’s relationship with their mother and the connection between humans and the Earth,” describes THE HU. “In a way, Earth is another mother that bore us to this world. In Mongolia, mothers are highly regarded and respected and we believe that even after death, their soul protects their child as their love is limitless.”

Watch the video here

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NEW TRACK This Is Mongol (feat. William DuVall of Alice In Chains) – WATCH 
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NEW TRACK Mother Nature (feat. LP) 
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NEW TRACK Black Thunder (Acoustic) 
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NEW TRACK Mother Nature (Acoustic)

Pre-orders for the album across all digital platforms as well as physically on CD and vinyl are available now HERE


ABOVE: LandArt Project rendering of 12,000 Siberian Elm Trees in The HU Logo








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