The Lottery Winners 'Anxiety Replacement Therapy' Tour at Parr Hall, Warrington Saturday 22nd April 2023.





The Lottery Winners are doing big things, making a big noise and are getting noisier! After touring last year with the likes of Shed Seven and the Reytons they went on to sell out their own headline UK tour and will be appearing at a host of festivals across the country this year including Glastonbury. ‘Anxiety Replacement Therapy’, their new album, is due for release and is looking set to go straight in at number one! So a hometown gig (or near as damn it, Leigh being just down the road) at Warrington’s Parr Hall, is very likely to go off on an epic scale! Warren Millar (right hand photographer) and myself have seen these guys a few times and I can honestly say the Lottery Winners are one of our favourites to cover, they just bring so much….and judging by the length of the queue snaking into Palmyra Square gardens tonight, we’re not alone in our love for these legends from Leigh.

First Support – The A.V. Club

Joe Banks – Vocal/guitar

Oli Thomas – Drums

Dan Turton – Bass

Freya Rose Hann – Vocal/guitars/keys

I’ve seen the wonderful A.V. Club so many times now and I’m so happy they’re supporting tonight. Being from Warrington, it’s a home town gig and I know it will mean the world to them. You just never tire of the A.V. Club, fresh and fizzing at every performance.

The set begins in usual fashion with a cascading shimmer of retro electro sounds. Backing tracks fade into the opening song and it’s an enthusiastic performance from the off. Real 80s feel, synth, electro with an indie bang. It’s just like the sound track from an 80s John Hughes film. The A.V. Club are just back from playing in London and have their own headline at Manchester’s iconic Deaf Institute on 5th August…I can highly recommend going; I lose count of how many time I’ve seen this band, but every time they deliver. They somehow create an entire feel…a nostalgia type feel that transports us back…it’s like Stranger Things, atmospheric, addictive, retro and really reminiscent!

Set List:

1. VHS (Very Happy Song)

2. How I Feel

3. I Think I’m Fallin’

4. MTO

5. Blue

6. Young Loser

7. Better Days



Second Support – Pet Needs.

Johnny Marriott – Vocal

Rich Gutierrez – Bass

George Marriott – Guitar

Jack Lock – Drums

I’ve been told about this band, and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been looking forward to seeing them. I’m not disappointed – in a whirlwind of wild, unbridled punk energy, Pet Needs begin what is soon clear is to be one frenzied and crazy set – right up my street! Jagged, screaming guitars, real edgy lines, skippy, hard hitting, machine gun fire beats, fuzzing then crunching bass. It’s fast paced; it’s a roller coaster ride that’s not slowing down; it’s loud and it’s fan-bloody- tastic! Vocal goes from fast talking/singing, to exclamation, outright punk cries and howls, then contrastingly to a very even and steady singing voice – it works brilliantly. Our front man is like a shaken can of fizzy drink on the verge of exploding – spinning and flitting about on stage like a giddy pup with the zoomies…My God, it’s brilliant to watch! He’s up, he’s down, scissor jumping in the air, diving about, juggling his mic stand, throwing it above him high up then catching it and balancing it in one hand like a crazy punk circus performer. The entire band are just exuding pure energy! The crowd love it and are bouncing! Great and comical interaction between songs, a very likeable band with huge presence.

During the final song front man, Johnny, dives off stage, into the photo pit then climbs up on the barrier whilst guitarist, George, jumps onto a speaker; perching there precariously, he swings his guitar and throws it around until the end of the song! I’m completely swept away in all the punk antics, and I’ve found my new favourite band! Bringing the wilds in abundance, this band are a must see – end of!

Set List:

1. Lost Again

2. Punk Isn’t Dead (It’s just up for Sale)

3. Ibiza in Winter

4. Fear for the Whole Damn World

5. Tracey Emin’s Bed

6. Toothpaste

7. Get on the Roof



The Lottery Winners – Headline

Thom Rylance -Vocal/guitar

Katie Lloyd – Vocal/bass

Rob Lally – Vocal/guitar

Joe Singleton – Drums

In a dimmed Parr Hall a recording of a very vintage ‘Daisy Daisy ‘ plays out over the PA as our legends from Leigh take their places on stage. It changes to a hypnotherapy taped session, leading us straight into our first song ‘Worry’…and the vibrancy explodes! The crowd go wild, it’s such a high vibrational feel; fresh flowers adorn the stage, the drum platform and the mic stands and Tom waves one down a photographer’s lens as he slinks around stage. With the familiar, soaring, feel good sounds it’s another joy infused performance from this spectacular 4 piece band. The sound really is superb – clean, tight and performed with exuberance – the energy and passion these guys give is obvious. Thom is on form, his usual chirpy, Northern, cheeky chappie self, laughing about being a big star now, nervous pee’s and busted zips. (I think we enjoy Thom’s stand up between songs as much as the music). As a band these guys are just so likeable and down to earth, laughing at themselves and making no secret of just how chuffed they are with tonight’s home town(ish) gig and the impending number one. urging us to “please buy a copy:” “Let’s do this, get these 4 idiots from Leigh, who played in pub back rooms, to number 1, please,” Thom.

The vibrant sounds fill our venue, it’s like summer – feel good, happy making; you can’t help but smile and be uplifted. The energy is buzzing on stage, and it transcends, we can feel it as a crowd; it’s intoxicating, like a summery picnic blanket of happiness has been spread over us as we feast from the smorgasbord of musical treats and bask in the sunshine of the Lottery Winners. It’s a loyal following, I got chatting to a family from Leigh who knew every word to every song and who told me they’ve been following the band all over on this tour. The audience is scattered with daisy glasses and t-shirts and the songs are sung/chanted/shouted back like anthems on a football terrace!



Katie takes to the mic to be lead vocalist in “85 Trips”; an easel and canvas are brought on stage and during the song Thom paints. Katie’s vocal is stunning – sweet, high and controlled. I’ve only ever seen Thom as lead vocal so it’s been brilliant to see Katie and then Rob (whose voice is also breathtaking) sing lead vocals live. It’s this versatility that makes this group so different, so stand out; each song is completely different and original.

Of course Thom is stand out as a vocalist and a front man. Aside from jokes about nervous pee’s and busted zippers, his voice is something else, managing to hold extended notes for ‘”like 15 minutes” (Thom’s words), smooth and even and pure joy to listen to. With the wonderful, iridescent sounds, soaring bass lines, strong, powerful beats and ear worm guitar riffs it all binds together exceptionally. It’s well worth getting the debut album “Anxiety Replacement Therapy”; it’s a great listen, good for the soul…Let’s get this to number one, it’s so deserved!

Yet again I’ve fallen for this quirky, creative and fun filled band and yet again they’ve delivered in droves! You just gotta love a Lottery Winners gig. To coin their own phrase “I’m a BeLEIGHver’.




Set List:

1. Worry

2. The Meaning of Life

3. Elizabeth

4. 85 Trips

5. Let Me Down

6. Favourite Flavour

7. Overthink Everything

8. Letter to Myself

9. Money

10. Headlock

11. Sunshine

12. Much Better

13. Burning House

14. Start Again


15. 21