The metalcore fireballs Currents to release ‘The Death We Seek’ on May 5 2023


Currents is a Connecticut based metalcore band that have opened for the likes of Ice Nine KillsParkway DriveAugust Burns RedFit For A KingAs I Lay Dying, and We Came As Romans. With all the provenance behind them, they are now releasing their third full length album (they have several EP’s out as well), The Death We Seek on May 5 2023 on Sharptone records. Co-produced by Chris Wiseman and Ryan Leitru and mixed by Jeff Dunne, The Death We Seek is a powerhouse of an LP. 



 This album starts out good and gets better the deeper you go. Grinding guitars and blistering guitar riffs are showcased throughout the tracks and seemingly get tighter and more technical as time goes on without forgetting to let the songs breathe once in a while. The vocals range from a guttural growl  on “The Death We Seek” to crystal clear vocals on “Unfamiliar” showing Brian Wille’s superb vocal range and diversity. The drums keep the tempo at a feverish pace without being over bearing in sound while the bass keeps the sound rooted in a dark heaviness.

One of my standout tracks is “Unfamiliar”. The range on this track is great. Musically and vocally, this song, from it’s quiet intro and it’s vulnerable first verses to getting punched in the face with the power of the second set of verses about 1:30 in. This track brings something for everyone musically and is why it is one of my favorites.

“Over and Over” is another one of my favorites, not only for the reasons above but, for the technicality of the lead guitar parts. The lead guitar parts in this track are unique and well timed. It really adds to the vibe of the song and shows that metalcore isn’t just power chords and heavy tones. Very well done sir!

I am in love with the intro to “Remember Me”. The ambient intro guides you gently into the aggressive parts only to guide you back down before another uptick. This is probably my favorite track on the album. The way it flows in and out and takes the listener on a journey in sound is amazing. The sounds ranging from gentle to aggressive kept me engaged and wanting more. This is a song that lets the listener breathe from time to time and really appreciate how good these musicians really are.  

This album is proof that metal music is alive and well. The Death We Seek has a heavy crossover with both the alt-metal and metalcore fans both liking it equally.

With releases like this, Currents will be headlining shows in no time.


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Overall I give this on 8/10 metal sawblades. 




1). The Death We Seek

2). Living in Tragedy

3). Unfamiliar

4). So Alone

5). Over and Over

6). Beyond This Road

7). Vengeance

8). Gone Astray

9). Remember Me

10). Guide Us Home



Currents are:

Brian Wille – vocals

Chris Wiseman – guitar

Ryan Castaldi – guitar 

Chris Pulgarin – bass 

Matt Young – drums





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