The Mysterines, Future Yard, 2nd February 2023.




In connection with BBC Music Introducing and Independent Music Week “Future Yard” over the water from Liverpool in Birkenhead held quite a number of top class gigs. All Music’s Warren Millar tagged along to what people were saying was the pick of the week’s gigs there to check out local musical heroes “The Mysterines”

Tonight’s gig is a sell out and it’s no wonder “The Mysterines” have a huge following nationally and when they are here in their home town of Birkenhead everyone in the music scene wants to see them live.

The night air isn’t as cold as its been here in the U.K. over the last few weeks which is quite a pleasant change and the Bar Area of Future Yard is already quite packed as we make our way to the live music area through the double doors at the side of the bar. “Future Yard” is one of the latest venues in the North West and it quite rightly is getting a great name for its self locally. It’s a very welcoming venue and an ideal place to hold an “Independent Week” gig.

We always say this but it’s true, It’s so nice to see a good crowd in for the support acts and tonight is no exception as the 1st support for the night “Ambedo Blue” stroll onto stage. These local lads are full of confidence on stage and the growing crowd seem to be getting into their groove. Milo Richardson on lead vocals and guitar leads the band well alongside Paddy Turner on lead guitar pulling off some great riffs. Tonight we have a change of bass player in the band due to usual bass man George Higgins being out of the country so instead Milo introduces none other than his Dad Alan Richardson on base, nice move. Adding the rhythm on drums is Danny Brown. All in all a great set to start the night off in the right mood. Look out for these guys who will be realising their first EP “Kitty Cat In The Jungle” very soon.


Set List

1/ Daddy’s Shoes

2/ KittyCat in the Jungle

3/ Man Insane

4/ Dog on Wheels (Belle and Sebastian cover)

5/ Lady of the Tree



Next up on the Future yard stage we have Astles led by Dan Astles this four piece really do know what they are doing. Some lovely well written songs that you can tell mean so much to them especially the solo tune that Dan performed about his brother “Joe” Just Dan his guitar and and some lovely words brought about by memories of his child hood, simply beautiful to listen to. Dan and his keyboard player swapped around for a couple of songs and shows the talent these guys have as musicians. Their last song of the set was for us the best “Kind a Love” moved from slow ballad to rocky guitar riff loaded tune effortlessly and was a joy to hear live. Lovely set guys and appreciated by all who were there I would guess.


Set List

1/ When Life

2/ This Ones for You

3/ Somebody’s Farther

4/ Remember Us

5/ 2 And A Bit

6/ Flying Machines

7/ Kind A Love



It was now time for “The Mysterines” to finish the night off. The band were formed by vocalist and writer Lia Metcalfe when she met bass player George Favager, both living near each other on the Wirral. The band released a total of 6 songs across two EPs on their own Pretty Face Recordings label before signing to Fiction Records in March 2021.They released their debut album, “Reeling”, produced by Catherine Marks, almost exactly a year later.

Comprising of Lia Metcalfe guitar and vocals, George Favager Bass, Callum Thompson lead guitar and backing vocals and Paul Crilly Drums, these guys are very well known around these parts in the music scene and well beyond.

They come on stage hands full of red roses which they throw into the packed out room and then a wall full of sound engulfs the room, grunge bass sounding noise with Callum banging his guitar adding to the noise. This lasts for a few seconds and then it’s straight into “Lifes A Bitch (But I Like It So Much)” Its an instant grab you moment, which “The Mysterines” seem to have off to a tee. The home fans are immediately drawn into the sound which is un- mistakenly a Mysterines sound.

Lia owns the stage and alongside her band mates the energy and excitement of the moment spreads around the place like wildfire, This Is A Real Gig we think !

The set carries on with a real purpose to both entertain and excite. Stand out songs for us are “Old Friends Die Hard”, “Under Your Skin” and “All These Things”

What a night, What a band and what the hell have I just witnessed, one hell of a gig at “Future Yard” That’s what !!



Set List

1/ Life’s A Bitch (But I Like It So Much)

2/ The Bad Thing

3/ Reeling

4/ Dangerous

5/ Old Friends Die Hard

6/ On the Run

7/ Under Your Skin

8/ Means To Bleed

9/ The Confession Song

10/ Revolution Blues

(Neil Young cover)

11/ Hawkmoon

12/ All These Things


13/ In My Head

14/ Hung Up