The Sold Out Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado Welcomes the Return of The HU band on, The Hun Tour, from Mongolia



This past cool Colorado Tuesday evening saw the return of The HU band, bringing their blend of heavy metal and traditional Mongolian throat singing to an enthusiastic packed house at Denver’s Ogden Theatre. 

Starting the night off was The Haunt, a sibling fronted alt-rock band from Florida. Starting their set with the song, “Morally”, lead singer Anastasia Grace Haunt displayed the energy we would see through the rest of their set. Moving about the stage as she sang and interacting with her band members and the crowd. With their blend of Indie and rock, the crowd was quick to show their appreciation for the energy and music which poured out from the stage. Anastasia continued with songs “Love You Better” and “Constant” from their ep, Social Intercourse which was released earlier this year. With the energy she started the night with, she danced, threw her hair, and moved about the stage.  Her brother Maxamillion who would talk with the crowd, mentioned the fact that Anastasia had been performing since the age of 9 and was now 18. Finishing their set with the song “Wish You Stayed”, the crowd let them know just how much they enjoyed their music and energetic show. Indeed it was a fun, I too enjoyed their music. 


The Haunt are:

Anastasia Grace Haunt -vocals

Maxamillion Haunt – guitar

Nat Smallish – bass guitar

    Nick Lewert – drums



Set List:

1.) Morally
2.) Ultralight Beam
3.) Love You Better
4.) Constant
5.) Why Are You So Cold?
6.) Hook, Line & Sinker 
7.) Streets & Lies
8.) Make Me King
9.) Do It Again
10.) Wish You Stayed



As the 9:30 hour approached the crowd began chanting, HU, HU, HU. The lights came down and the band walked on to the stage to the crowd still chanting, HU, HU HU. Starting their evening  The HU opened with the song, “Shoog shoog” from their 2019 album The Gereg. The evening of music that the band calls “Hunnu Rock” began. With their traditional instruments, the Morin khuur, the Tovshuur, and Mongolian throat singing, the Ogden Theatre would be filled with music dating back to the time of Genghis Khan. This was not head banging music and there where no mosh pits, no one throwing up the horns, only the music that the crowd would sway back and forth to and absorb in their minds and souls. As The HU continued with their music, light smoke would fill the air as the lights dance a cross the stage. 

At times through out the night singer Jaya, would thank the crowd and the band would show their appreciation by waving. In return, the crowd would chant HU, HU, HU. The band continued with their music and as I watched the crowd, I could see them concentrating on the stage while watching each of the members playing their instruments, mean while listening and swaying to the music. For the second time this month, I had the pleasure of witnessing tradition and music dating back in time from around the world. What a great pleasure it was. As The HU moved closer to the end of their set the lights danced across the stage, as see the gallery of images. Closing out their evening, the band finished with the cover of Metallica’s song, “Sad But True”. As the band stood together to say good night, the crowd chanted as they had been doing all night,  HU, HU, HU! 

If you have not seen, The Hu, it is a night of traditional music that would be enjoyed by young and old a like, venture back in time, musically. 


 The Hu Are:

Gala – Lead Throat Singer and Morin Khuur

Enkush – Lead Morin Khuur and Throat Singer

Jaya – Jaw Harp, Tsuur, Flute, and Throat Singer

Temka – Tovshuur

Jamba – guitars, backing vocals

Davaa – bass, backing vocals

Ono – percussion, tumur khuur, backing vocals

Odko – drums



Set List:

1.) Shoog shoog
2.) Huhchu Zairan
3.) The Gereg
4.) Mother Nature
5.) The Legend of Mother Swan
6.) Uchirtai Gurav
7.) Shihi Hutu
8.) Shireg Shireg
9.) Bii Biyley
10.) Yuve Yuve Yu
11.) Wolf Totem
12.) Tatar Warrior
13.) Black Thunder
14.) This Is the Mongol

15.) Sad but True @Cover Metallica






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