The Stadium Tour Ft. Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, and Classless Act Destroyed Petco Park in San Diego, California on 8-28-2022



Back on November 26, 2019, I got a text from my buddy Dustin, asking if I had a moment to chat. He asked me to come up to LA to help on a studio shoot for some upcoming secret project. So on December 4, 2019 I left San Diego at 4:30am and drove through the pouring rain to an undisclosed location in LA to help out with photos for the Stadium Tour.  Motley Crue and Def Leppard photographed alone and together in LA and the excitement was evident as both bands mingled on the soundstage. The shoot went well and the Stadium Tour was announced later that day. The tour was originally supposed to hit San Diego in July of 2020 and more than two years later it finally happened. The Stadium Tour finally arrived at Petco Park on Sunday night and it was everything a show this size promised to be. Five bands, tons of hits songs, pyro, guitar solos, drum solos, and a ton of memories. Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts all on one ticket, add in newcomers Classless Act opening,  you have the makings of an epic show. And it was an epic show.

First up was Classless Act. They had their work cut out for them opening for the four huge bands that, let’s face it, most of the fans came to see. And they absolutely killed it. They put on a great set and I can really see this band going places. They had a great stage presence, sounded fantastic, and everything about about their set screamed Rock ‘n Roll. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, don’t miss the openers, you will regret it later. Those who made it in early will be able to tell their friends that they saw Classless Act when they opened on the Stadium Tour.


Classless Act:

Derek Day: Vocals

Dane Pieper: Guitar

Griffin Tucker: Guitar

Franco Gravante: Bass

Chuck McKissock: Drums



Joan Jett & The Blackhearts were up next. This is probably a good time to describe what the stage looked like and where we were photographing the action from. First off, it was a huge stage with giant screens on either side. The stage was so wide that even with a semi-wide lens, I couldn’t get the full stage and screens into a single photograph. The stage also had a ramp that jutted out from the middle and we were situated at the end of the ramp in the very narrow area between the ramp and the crowd. There were seven of us photographing the show and it was tight. The other issue especially evident during the start of the Joan Jet set was the bright, harsh sunlight cutting across the stage from left to right. Not the ideal situation to shoot rock ‘n roll royalty. And make no mistake, Joan Jett and the Heatbreakers are rock n’ roll royalty and they proved it again at this show. The setlist was a run through of all the songs you wanted to hear including tunes from the Runaways, the Gary Glitter tune “Do You Want to Touch Mr (Oh Yeah)”  and of course the rousing set closer, “Bad Reputation”. Buy the time the set ended the sun had nearly dropped below the buildings and the crowd was loud and worked up. 


Joan Jett & The Blackhearts:

Joan Jett: Vocals. Guitar

Dougie Needles: Guitar

Hal B. Selzer: Bass

Michael McDermott: Drums




Intro: Rebel Girl (Bikini Kill)

1.) Victim Of Circumstance

2.) Cherry Bomb (The Runaways Cover)

3.) Oh Woe is Me

4.) Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) (Gary Glitter cover)

5.) You Drive Me Wild  (The Runaways cover)

6.) Fake Friends

7.) Everyday People (Sly & the Family Stone cover)

8.) Crimson & Clover (Tommy James & The Shondells cover)

9.) I Hate Myself For Loving You

10.(I’m Gonna) Run Away

11.) I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll (The Arrows Cover)

12.Bad Reputation


 Poison took the stage just as the sun dipped down behind the stadium. The band came out in full force and used much of the ramp throughout their set, which did make photographing them a lot easier. The crowd sang along to every song from the set opener “Look What The Cat Dragged ?In” to the set closer “Nothin’ But A Good Time”. One of the great moments was during C.C. DeVilles guitar solo where he paid homage to Eddie Van Halen with parts of the famous “Eruption” guitar parts. This got a huge response as it just might be the most recognizable guitar part in Rock ‘n Roll. 



Bret Michaels: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica

Rikki Rockett: Drums, Backing Vocals

Bobby Dall: Bass, Piano, Backing Vocals

C.C. DeVille: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals






1.) Look What The Cat Dragged In

2.) Ride The Wind

3.) Talk Dirty To Me

4.) Your Mama Don’t Dance (Loggins & Messina cover)

5.) Guitar solo w/ Eruption snippet (Van Halen Cover)

6.Fallen Angel

7.Unskinny Bop

8.Drum Solo

9.) Every Rose Has Its Thorn

10.) Nothin’ But A Good Time


Since Def Leppard was closing the show here in San Diego, we got to shoot songs 11 and 12 of the Motley Crue set. This was a little challenging as we had to get ready during “Home Sweet Home” and then file into the shooting positions for the next two tunes (“Dr Feelgood ” and “Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)”. Luckily, the band also took a minute to reset which allowed us a few extra seconds to get ready. The Motley Crue set had the crowd up and moving for all 15 songs. Nikki Sixx stalked the stage with a relentless energy while Tommy Lee was monster behind his kit. Hard to believe he had to sit out shows with broken ribs just a short while ago. 


Motley Crue:

Vince Neil: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica

Nikki Sixx: Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Backing Vocals

Mick Mars: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Tommy Lee: Drums, Keyboards, Piano, Backing Vocals





1.) Wild Side

2.) Shout At The Devil

3.) Too Fast For Love

4.) Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

5.) Saints Of Los Angeles

6.) Live Wire

7.) Looks That Kill

8.) The Dirt (Est. 1981)

9.) Rock and Roll, Part 2 / Smokin’ in the Boys Room / White Punks on Dope / Helter Skelter / Anarchy in the U.K.

10.) Home Sweet Home (Tommy Lee starts on Piano)

11.) Dr. Feelgood

12.) Same Ol’ Situation

13.) Girls, Girls, Girls

14.) Primal Scream

15.) Kickstart My Heart


It was now time for Def Leppard. The large crowd cheered enthusiastically when a countdown clock appeared on the two side screens and as the numbers changed to 0:00 the place erupted. Back when I was in college, friends of mine played in a din bar band and they covered a few Def Leppard songs, including the raucous “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” While it was amazing to see Def Leppard to play this song live in front of this huge crowd, I couldn’t stop thinking of the great times I had in college hearing my friends belt this tune out. The memories we make at these shows, at all shows, really does live on forever. This show was one for the ages.


Def Leppard: 

Joe Elliott: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Piano

Rick Savage: Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Rick Allen: Drums, Backing Vocals

Phil Collen: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Vivian Campbell: Guitar, Backing Vocals





1.) Take What You Want

2.) Let it Go



5.Armageddon It


7.Love Bites


9.This Guitar (Acoustic)

10.Two Steps Behind (Acoustic)


12.Bringin’ On The Heartbreak

13.Switch 625 / Drum Solo


15.Pour Some Sugar On Me

16.Rock Of Ages







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If you made it this far, here is a shot from that day back in 2019 when this whole thing first got started..