The Struts brought their sensational “Remember the Name Tour” to The Ritz in Manchester, igniting the stage with their signature glam rock sound and inviting the audience to join in a night of collective euphoria. A spectacle of mass crowd engagement is a guarantee whenever this band takes the spotlight.

Billy Seagrave ventured into Manchester to witness The Struts in action, where the air was thick with glam rock perfection and an infectious spirit of audience participation.

First band to set the stage ablaze for the evening were the Essex-based quintet, Bad Nerves. Radiating an air of confidence and possessing genuine stage presence, they received the recognition their exceptional work truly merits. Their high-octane power pop sound provided a spirited and lively atmosphere, immediately setting a boisterous tone as they launched into their set with “Don’t Stop.” The momentum only intensified as they delved into the raucous anthems “Baby Drummer” and “Place,” instantly raising the bar and filling the venue with an exuberant crowd.

As the night surged forward, Bad Nerves continued to amplify the energy with tracks like “Radio Punk” and “Bad Kid,” pushing into an electrifying overdrive that was fervently fueled by the enthusiastic audience. The set culminated with the powerful “Wasted” and a captivating finale, “Dreaming.” These performances showcased a band that undoubtedly garnered more support for their burgeoning fanbase. Their electrifying presence was executed with remarkable panache and style, leaving an indelible impression.

With hopes of their swift return to Manchester, if the opportunity arises to catch Bad Nerves on tour, it promises to be a night of extraordinary musical revelry that is undeniably worth experiencing.



Bobby Nerves – Vocals

William Phillipson – Guitar

George Berry – Guitar

Jonathan Poulton – Bass

Samuel Thompson – Drums



Set list.

1/ Don’t stop.

2/ Babby Drummer.

3/ Palace.

4/ Mad Mind.

5/ Radio Punk.

6/ Bad Kid.

7/ Alright.

8/ Electric 88.

9/ Can’t be mine.

10/ Wasted.

11/ Dreaming.


The Struts are on the second leg of their whirlwind UK tour before embarking on an exciting journey across Europe, encompassing both riveting shows and electrifying festival appearances. Their illustrious reputation has been solidified through remarkable support slots for iconic acts like The Who, Motley Crue, The Rolling Stones, and a standout collaboration with The Foo Fighters, with Dave Grohl himself hailing them as the finest band to ever share the stage with them. Such high praise from a band hailing from Derby is truly a remarkable achievement.

A devoted fanbase had eagerly lined up outside, brimming with anticipation for the night’s entertainment. As the energy inside the venue surged alongside the rising temperature, The Struts took center stage, welcomed by a thunderous reception. It was evident that the most ardent supporters had turned out in full force. The electrifying pulse of “Dirty Sexy” ignited the crowd, and they harmoniously joined in, voices raised high, for the infectious groove of “Body Talk.”

Although often pigeonholed as a Glam Rock sensation, The Struts defy such limitations, drawing from a diverse array of influences including Slade, Sweet, Queen, and Bowie. What truly sets them apart is their prowess in the art of entertainment. Each performance is a fan-driven spectacle, with the band seamlessly rolling out crowd favorites like “Kiss This,” “All Dressed Up,” and “Love with a Camera,” each note delivered with unwavering precision, the audience hanging on to every lyrical utterance.

Gethin Davies, the mastermind behind the drums, maintains the heartbeat of the performance, orchestrating an impeccable rhythm expertly supported by Jed Elliot’s steady bass lines. Their synergy forms the bedrock of the show’s dynamic.

Recent album release “Pretty Vicious” showcased tracks that garnered a warm and exuberant response from the crowd, hinting at future anthems that will undoubtedly become staples in the band’s live repertoire. Adam Slack, the guitar virtuoso, mesmerized with electric riffs and blazing solos, his guitar prowess adding an extra layer of depth to the band’s sonic tapestry.



At the heart of it all, frontman Luke Spiller emerges as the band’s pulsating core, acting as the conductor, communicator, and bridge between the music and their adoring fans. In unison, they form an inseparable unit, with the stripped-down acoustic rendition of “Fire” revealing the depth and range of their musical talents. The euphoric conclusion arrives with the perennial favorite “Could Have Been Me.” Once again, the evening proved to be a symphony of incredible music, the band’s exceptional performance perfectly matching the fervor of a devoted fanbase that simply cannot get enough of this group firing on all cylinders.


Set List.

1/ Dirty talk.

2/ Body talks.

3/ Fallin with me.

4/ Too good at raising hell.

5/ Kiss this.

6/ Primadonna.

7/ All dressed up.

8/ Love with a camera.

9/ ONO.

10/ Mary go round.

11/ Low key.

12/ Royals.

13/ Wild child.

14/ Pretty Vicious.

15/ Do it so well.

16/ Where did she go.

17/ Put your money on me.

18/ Fire.