The Struts Raising Hell at Max Watts in Melbourne, Australia on February 28, 2024



It was a scorching 35 degree celsius day as the long queue of fans waited for the doors at Max Watts in Melbourne to open. The well-established underground music venue was about to host an unforgettable night with The Struts, the British rock band well renowned for their dynamic and exhilarating live performances.

Local Australian artist Jacob Fitzgerald opened the evening, backed by his band Electric City.  Opening with  “Hurt Me Harder”, he performed with both rawness and finesse. As they transitioned into the fuzz guitar riff intro of “Sophia”, it was reminiscent of the Black Keys.  It seemed appropriate as they launched into a cover of said band’s “Lonely Boy” with enthusiasm. Fans were vibing in unison as Fitzgerald progressed through his performance, ending with the a catchy crowd singalong song”Muse.” Fitzgerald expressed his love of The Struts, having bought a ticket to the show before finding out he was invited to support them. He clearly expressed this honour by delivering a short set with passion and energy as if it was his last show.



Jacob Fitzgerald: Vocals and guitar




1.) Hurt Me Harder

2.) Shame on You

3.) Sophia

4.) Chlorine

5.) Obsessed

6.) Lonely Boy

7.) Penny Lane

8.) Muse


Inside Max Watts, there were plenty of fans in attendance judging by the number of people wearing The Struts 2019 tour t-shirts. There was a heavy air of anticipation and as Queen’s “We Will Rock You” played over the PA. The crowd chanted along and the vibe skyrocketed as The Struts took to the stage with the opening riff of “Dirty Sexy Money”. From that moment, the band was on a mission to deliver an unforgettable show.

The Struts performed a near 90-minute setlist that was both a journey and a spectacle in glam rock ’n’ roll. Each song, starting from the catchy “Dirty Sexy Money” to the anthemic “Could Have Been Me,” was a showcase of the band’s musicality and musicianship. 

The crowd sang along with the Stones-like “Kiss This,” and clapped in unison to the breakdown in “Rockstar”. With Spiller remarking that “You all look dressed up with somewhere to go”, the band launched “All Dressed Up (With Nowhere to Go)”. “Wild Child” was the anthem for the free-spirited rebel, while “Pretty Vicious” in Spiller’s modest words is a “Stone cold classic”.  

The Struts were masterful and catalysts in keeping the energy of the room alive. As the vibe heated up quickly, so did the temperature with the band sweating through one of the hottest gigs they’ve done, and Spiller taking an audience member’s offer of a fan to cool down.

Frontman Luke Spiller has a larger-than-life stage persona – his camp energetic stage moves and antics are akin to iconic singers like Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger. Along with his dynamic voice, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand, often taking moments off-mic to soak in the vibe, blowing kisses to the crowd and working them into a frenzy. Guitarist Adam Slack had plenty of moments to display his prowess with numerous ripping guitar solos that the crowd mimicked on the air guitar.

As the final song “Could Have Been Me” ended,  the energy at Max Watts was released in a wave of applause and cheers. Already with a loyal fanbase, there was a portion of first-timers at their show whom the band warmly welcomed into The Struts extended family. This was an evening where the spirit and atmosphere of classic rock ’n’ roll was embraced and left a smile on everyone’s faces.


The Struts:

Luke Spiller: Vocals

Adam Slack: Guitar

Jed Elliot: Bass

Gethin Davies: Drums




1.) Dirty Sexy Money

2.) Body Talks

3.) Fallin’ With Me

4.) Too Good at Raising Hell

5.) Kiss This

6.) Rockstar

7.) All Dressed Up (With Nowhere to Go)

8.) Mary Go Round

9.) Primadonna Like Me

10.) Wild Child

11.) Pretty Vicious

12.) I Won’t Run

13.) Where Did She Go

14.) Put Your Money on Me

15.) Could Have Been Me





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