The Thunder of Bike Week Rolling in With Saliva at The Broken Spoke March 6, 2021



Bike Week is a tradition that has been going on for 80 years in Daytona Beach, Florida. The city and surrounding area’s population expands by 500,000 visitors as well as the need for live entertainment. While traveling to the venue for the nights entertainment, it was incredible as the motorcycle traffic on the roads expands well over 400% during bike week keeping vigilant is a must for the safety of all drivers. All Music Magazine’s first stop on this nine-day music and motorcycle festival is in Ormond Beach, Florida. There are multiple venues with stages large enough for national touring performers. This night, Saturday March 6, 2021, we headed out to see Saliva at an outdoor venue called The Broken Spoke. But first, our stop was at The Beaver Bar to catch The Matt O’Ree Band from New Jersey. Unfortunately, with temperatures in the low 60’s and the threat of rain, Matt O’Ree Band cancelled their performance. So, we ventured to The Broken Spoke Saloon ahead of Saliva’s scheduled show time of 9:00pm. has launched their new page, GoTonight to post all the bands, venues, and shows associated with Bike Week. Approximately 50 a day with most venues hosting two, three, four and sometimes five bands a day. Allow AllMusicMag.Com to help you through the traffic and get where you want to be with our interactive mapping page!

The Broken Spoke Saloon is completely outdoors with a covered bar, food vendors, a large covered stage, and a blazing fire pit near the rest rooms. There were also picnic tables to socialize or eat a meal. When we arrived, Daytona’s own band “Miss Intent” was just finishing up their set. Miss Intent is fronted by Missy Ten who is no stranger to large crowds and is booked on this stage for four more dates next weekend. Missy, in her beautiful voice, reminded me I have ample opportunity to catch a full set.

I would have liked to see more of the show, but we were originally supposed to be at The Beaver Bar. There are still seven days left of Bike Week, so who knows I may get the opportunity to cross paths again with this great Daytona band.





Missy Ten – Vocals

Chris Seymour – Bass

Louie Sposato – Drums

Shane Doss  – Guitar

Mark Rice – Sound Engineer



Next on the main stage at 7:00pm was Stone Senate a touring band out of Nashville Tennessee. This band has been on the road non-stop for nine years and is out in support of their latest album “Slow Crusade”. Stone Senate is a rock-n-roll band that brings comparisons to southern rock bands Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band.

Their performance started slow but gained momentum through the entire set. It was probably the cold and the reluctance of the audience to participate that was the initial drag. By the end of their set the dance floor was full, and the joint was a rocking despite the windy temperatures dipping into the high 50’s.

This was my first introduction to Stone Senate, and I hope not my last. I always love southern slide guitar and this band brings it!




Clint Woolsey – Vocals/Guitar

James Edwards – Guitar

Ted Hennington – Guitar

Paul Zettler – Bass/Vocals

David Zettler – Drums/Vocals




At 9:00pm Saliva, originally from Memphis, Tennessee took the stage. The dance floor quickly disappeared as the crowd surged forward to get a closer look or maybe just to get warm. The band started their show with their 2006 epic release “Ladies and Gentlemen” off the fifth studio album, “Blood Stained Love Story”.

Bobby Amaru immediately commanded the stage with attitude and grace as he belted out the lyrics in his commanding voice. (Founding member, Wayne Swinny, on lead guitar and backing vocals just shedding his strings sporting a cowboy hat with a sheriff’s badge and cool sunglasses.) The second longest member, drummer Paul Crosby is steady on the kit keeping the rest of the band on the tracks. The newest member of the group is the spark plug bass player, Brad Stewart, who lights up the stage as he spins and leaps being a complete whirlwind with his dreadlocks flying through the air on every turn. Stewart brings incredible energy the entire show.

Saliva is high energy in your face entertainment which I highly recommend. If there is a Saliva show near you, get out and support these boys as they celebrate their 25th year. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a show you are going to enjoy!





Bobby Amaru – lead vocals

Wayne Swinny – lead guitar, backing vocals

Paul Crosby – drums, percussion

Brad Stewart – bass, backing vocals




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