The Vaccines Sell Out O2 Academy Bristol in Bristol, United Kingdom on 15th February 2024






The Vaccines have been around since 2010, formed in London. During the past 14 years they have released six albums, the latest being released just a month ago, tonight they are touring to promote that album ‘Pick Up Full Of Pink Carnations’.

They are joined on this tour by Australian rockers ‘Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers’ and ‘Divorce’ who I gather hail from Nottingham ‘Divorce’ are an infusion of many different genre’s. It’s difficult to tie them down to a singular, but that’s not a bad thing at all and most likely enables their influences to flow freely in the music. Much of the set came from recent EP ‘Heady Metal’, and includes their single ‘Scratch Your Metal’. I found them unique in being fronted by two vocalist and adds to their sound, whatever it is, it simply works for them and during significant touring has amassed a good following.



Next up are ‘Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers’, described as one to watch by the Guardian recently, had me curious and they didn’t disappoint.  A 4 piece all girl band from Canberra, who were very grateful to be there. Most of their songs are from their recent release ‘I Love You, and they told the crowd, “Bristol, we love you”. They are full of energy and attitude; this came across in the performance. Notable songs from the set include the title track ‘I Love You’, and of course, ‘Cayene Pepper’ a heavy sounding song that lasted a whole 40 seconds. Definitely one to look out for.



The Vaccine’s stage set was impressive, reminded me of a 70’s style ‘social club’ with its Austrian style curtain backdrop that was draped around the drum/keyboard riser and also adorned with pink carnations as were the mic stands, gave a nod to the new album. 

At 9.15 it was time for The Vaccines, they came on to ‘Live and Let Die’ by Wings, and from the off had an amazing reception from the Bristol fans, Vocalist Justin Hayward-Young just stood there for a few moments taking the admiration from the crowd before launching into the energetic ‘Love To Walk Away’, followed by ‘Wrekin Bar [Ra Ra Ra]’. The indie stars, played a great set, for a while it did seem to focus on their back catalogue of songs but these whipped the audience into a frenzy, with much singing, and dancing on the main floor, by the steps and at the bar.

Justin’s rapport with the audience was fantastic, they were in the palm of his hands, he came across as very thankful for their response, he commented “we’re very lucky to have you, it’d be very embarrassing if you weren’t”, and went on to recall how in 2011 they played the same venue opening for an NME tour, and went on to say “13 years later, we didn’t expect to be selling out. Much of this tour has been to sell-out crowds and their music creates very much a high energy, feel good factor, something we all need in the present world. Looking around the crowd is an interesting demographic, all ages and genders enjoying a fabulous night out. The intro to ‘Teenage Icon’ blasted out, a great song from ‘The Come Of Age’ album from 2012, I seriously wonder how many woke up with sore voices the next day?



By the point the opening bars of ‘If You Wanna’ both the band and the crowd were in fine spirits. It was pure exhilaration, and what a following they have, closing the set with `All In White’ an absolute belter to end the gig.

For an encore Justin thanked the crowd but they were all shouting different songs, he told them “the next one’s a good one, think you’ll like it” as we were treated to a couple more songs from the new album ‘Sometimes I Swear’ and ‘Lunar Eclipse’. Closing the set with ‘All My Friends Are Falling In Love’.

To summarise The Vaccines are riding high and at the top of their game, we had been given an electrifying night of indie music that was incredibly engaging in so many ways, the Bristol audience simply loved them.


Set List:

1.Love To Walk Away

2. Wreckin’ Bar [Ra Ra Ra]

3. I Can’t Quit

4. Post Break Up Sex

5. Wetsuit

6. Your Love Is My Favourite Band

7. Discount de Kooning [Last One Standing]

8. The Dreamer

9. Headphones Baby

10. Jump Off The Top

11. No Hope

12. Handsome

13. Heartbreak Kid

14. Teenage Icon

15. I Always Knew

16. If You Wanna

17. All In White


18. Sometimes I Swear

19. Lunar Eclipse

20. All My Friends Are Falling In Love