The Word Alive’s “Hard Reset Tour” Rocks The End in Nashville, Tennessee on August 25, 2023



On August 25th, The Word Alive kicked off the release of their new album by bringing the Hard Reset Tour to The End in Nashville, Tennessee with support from Nerv and Dark Divine. The venue, while small was packed with people, and each band made full use of the smaller-than-usual stage. Despite the sweltering heat, each member performed their hearts out, while joking about wishing it were hotter, and reminding the audience to stay hydrated, considering the real feel outside had gotten up to 110°F. That didn’t stop the crowd from getting into the show, however!  Together, the three bands put on a phenomenal performance that left me and the audience amazed. 

The tour’s lineup began with Nerv, an alternative pop/rock band from Sacramento, California. I wasn’t familiar with their music before this tour. I have to say I was impressed with their music style and their stage presence. They interacted with the crowd before the set even started, and that continued throughout their entire performance. It caused a lightness to the room, and the crowd that helped to immerse the crowd in Nerv’s set. Nerv didn’t have a light show and instead used the lights already set up in the venue. The band’s energy more than made up for the lack of lighting. Their songs are catchy, and instrumentals backing the vocals made it impossible to stand still. While each band member put on a great show, I want to spotlight their drummer, Tyler Jones. He was dynamic the entire time, and the drums sounded amazing. Every time I started headbanging, it was because of the drum’s beat. Despite not having heard of them before, I really enjoyed their set! 



Dillon Jones – Vocals

Scott Buchanan – Guitar

Jordan Grokett – Guitar

Tyler Jones – Drums



Next to perform was Dark Divine, a hard rock band from Orlando, Florida. I’d listened to their music before, but not extensively, so I was still surprised by their set–in the best way possible. Immediately I knew I was in for a great ride when the band came onstage in dark clothing and full face makeup. Their entire ensemble screamed “spooky” and “halloween,” which is fitting considering they closed their set with fan-favorite song, “Halloweentown.” While they also used the lights provided by the venue instead of their own light show, the ambiance was more than established with their outfits and makeup. Still, I can only imagine how elaborate their show would be with the addition of custom lighting. I can’t wait for the day they get to implement that. Dark Divine’s stage presence was top-notch, demanding attention from the audience. And even though their outward appearance is dark and gloomy, vocalist Anthony Martinez was all smiles any time he bumped fists with members of the crowd. Their enthusiasm was infectious. While the crowd had certainly been into Nerv’s set, it was clear that many were already familiar with Dark Divine, and that showed in the way they jumped up and down and sang along to each song. The whole set was compelling, and the band members remained animated the entire time. 


Dark Divine:

Anthony Martinez – Vocals

Jason Thomas Mueller – Guitar

Robby Lynch – Guitar

Triston Blaize – Drums

Jarret Robinson – Bass



Finally, it was time for The Word Alive, a metalcore band from Phoenix, Arizona. While I’ve been a fan of the Word Alive for a little while now, this was my first chance to see them live. I’d heard nothing but good things about their concerts, so I admit I went in with high expectations. Lucky for me, The Word Alive met every single one and then some. If I thought the energy in the room had been high before (which it absolutely was!), it was nothing compared to when The Word Alive started playing.

The mosh pit opened during their first song, “The House of Anubis,” and it didn’t close until the concert was over. Similarly, crowd surfers partook in the fun throughout certain songs, and since there was no barricade, they got to join the band on stage for a moment before diving right back into the crowd. From start to finish, The Word Alive was on fire. Their energy levels matched the crowd’s and then some, and not once did they slow down.

For the first time that night, The Word Alive used their own light show and it was spectacular. Each song had different colors and intensity that really enhanced the experience. It was all masterfully crafted, and I was so impressed with the amount of rigs they managed to fit on the stage without making it feel crowded. Additionally, The Word Alive played a great mix of their different styles of music. In fact, Telle Smith joked at one point that the crowd couldn’t handle it if they only played their heavy songs, to which the crowd responded by moshing harder and crowdsurfing more during the next set. Any time the energy lessened at all, Telle was quick to remind us of why we couldn’t handle them, and the audience was determined to prove him wrong. As band finished playing their last song, “Life Cycles,” the person next to me said in awe, “that was a religious experience,” and I can’t help but agree. The Word Alive put on an engaging show that was enhanced with great sound mixing and a stunning light show. Somehow, this was my first time seeing them live, but it certainly won’t be my last. 


The Word Alive

Telle Smith – Vocals

Zack Hansen – Guitar

Jose DelRio – Guitar

Daniel Nelson – Drums




1.) The Hounds of Anubis

2.) Battle Royale

3.) Strange Love

4.) Nocturnal Future


6.) Red Clouds

7.) Lighthouse

8.) Why Am I Like This?


10.) Misery

11.) Trapped

12.) Slow Burn

13.) New Reality

14.) 2012

15.) Life Cycles







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