Theory of a Deadman Brings The Rock Resurrection Tour Bayou Music Center in Houston, Texas on March 14th, 2023



Tuesday, March 14th, the Rock Resurrection Tour featuring Saint Asonia, Skillet, and Theory of a Deadman rocked the crowd at Bayou Music Center in Houston, TX. You could tell spring break was in full swing at the show as many fans were on the younger side enjoying the show with their parents.

Saint Asonia started the show and immediately brought the energy. They opened the show with their song, “Better Place.” Saint Asonia’s lead singer is Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace, so we needed to hear some Three Days Grace tunes. Next, they played “Never Too Late” and “I Hate Everything About You.” They also played “I Don’t Care, ” a song Gontier recorded with Apocalyptica. It was terrific to hear that song live, as Apocolayptica is one of my favorite bands to see live. They wrapped up their eight-song set with “Let Me Live My Life,” the best song on their set.


Band Members:

Adam Gontier – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Mike Mushok – Lead guitar

Cale Gontier  – Bass, backup vocals

Cody Watkins – Drums





1.) Better Place

2.) Above It All

3.) The Hunted

4.) Never Too Late (Three Days Grace cover)

5.) I Hate Everything About You (Three Days Grace cover)

6.) I Don’t Care (Apocalyptica cover)

7.) Devastate

8.) Let Me Live My Life


Next up, Skillet. Skillet came out swinging. They started the show at 120 miles an hour and continued the energy through their set and started the show with their song, “Feel Invincible.” The movement across the stage from the band was incredible. They interacted with the crowd, and the crowd sang along to every song on their 14-song set. This was a photographer’s dream as they were so photogenic and full of emotion as they played.

The Christian rock band from Memphis, Tennessee, really came alive to their song “Hero,” which is my favorite. Skillet brought out Saint Asonia’s vocalist Adam Gontier to join them in singing, “Finish Line” which they recorded together, before wrapping up their set with their song, “The Resistance.” Overall, one of the best live performances I have ever photographed. I can’t wait to see them again in the future.


Band Members:

John Cooper – Vocals, bass, acoustic guitar

Korey Cooper – Rhythm guitar, keyboards

Jen Ledger – Drums, vocals

Seth Morrison – Lead guitar





1.) Feel Invincible

2.) Rise

3.) Surviving the Game

4.) Legendary

5.) Awake and Alive

6.) Hero

7.) Not Gonna Die

8.) Whispers in the Dark

9.) Psycho In My Head (preceded by drum and guitar solos)

10.) Comatose

11.) Finish Line (with Adam Gontier)

12.) Monster

13.) Rebirthing

14.) The Resistance


The anticipation for Theory of a Deadman grew as the merch line calmed down and the beers were refilled. I’ve been seeing Theory of A Deadman live for years, since I was in my early twenties. They are great live and always have a killer setlist. So I was excited to photograph them before their new album release on March 17th.

I reviewed their new album, Dinosaur which you can checkout HERE. It was exciting to see what songs they added to their set from the new record, Dinosaur.

Finally, I was in the pit, and Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” came on. Then right after, the lights dimmed, and we were ready to go! They started with the first single off their new record, “Dinosaur.” They played one of my favorite songs and one of their most popular, “Bitch Came Back,” next. That song is lead singer Tyler Connolly’s typical sarcastic relationship-hating songs. It is a great song to play live.

Their set list contained a good mix of new songs off the album plus fan-favorite songs like “Not Meant to Be,” “Lowlife,” and “RX (Medicate).” I was disappointed that there were not any songs from their older records, but that is what happens when you’ve been touring for over twenty years with so many hit songs.

Theory finished their set with their biggest song and crowd favorite, “Bad Girlfriend.” Another fantastic show with a band that continues to put on a great performance and invest in their fans. Whenever I see Theory of a Deadman, I tell myself it was their best show I have ever seen. On Tuesday, March 14th, again it was my favorite Theory of a Deadman show. I can’t wait until they come back to Texas for my next favorite show.


Band Members:

Tyler Connolly – vocals, guitar, piano

Dave Brenner – guitar

Dean Back – bass

Joey Dandeneau – drums





1.) Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond song)

2.) Dinosaur

3.) Bitch Came Back

4.) Two of Us (Stuck)

5.) Hate My Life

6.) Not Meant to Be

7.) Lowlife

8.) Hurricane

9.) Ambulance

10.) Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)

11.) Angel

12.) History of Violence

13.) Rx (Medicate)

14.) Bad Girlfriend




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