Theory Of A Deadman Rocks at Hard Rock Live Orlando, Florida March 6, 2022



Finally, the third time is the charm as the date was set for Theory Of A Deadman at The Hard Rock Live Orlando, Florida from the previous show postponements of September 17th, 2021 and November 10th for 2021 March 6, 2022. The theater seats in the balcony were sold out, but there were plenty of general admission tickets available. The crazy thing is that when the show started, the balcony was empty and the general admission floor was packed. The Hard Rock Live is a great venue to see a concert and those in attendance were ready to rock! The night’s bill was Theory Of A Deadman and Shaman’s Harvest.

Shaman’s Harvest kicked of the show taking the stage at precisely 8:00pm. Shaman’s Harvest is out on Theory’s “Say Nothing” tour through March 13, 2022 and will not go over to Europe with Theory at the beginning of June. Shaman’s Harvest was founded in 1996 and currently has six albums in the collection. Number seven, Rebelator which is due for release March 11, 2022. The show started with the two new singles off Rebelator, “Bird Dog” and “Voices”.  They would also play two unreleased singles “Lilith” and “Under Your Skin” from the new album.

Shaman’s Harvest put on a good show, I found “Voices” a great new track and I look forward to the new album release.



Nathan Hunt – Lead Vocals

Josh Hamler – Rhythm Guitar

Derrick Shipp – Lead Guitar

Adam Zemanek – Drums

Matt Fisher – Bass






1.)  Bird Dod

2.)  Voices

3.)  Soul Crusher

4.)  Blood in The Water

5.) Lilith

6.)  Under Your Skin

7.)  In Chains

8.)  Dragonfly


At approximately 8:55pm the house lights went out and the stage was lit in red with white lights at the back of the stage. Over the PA system,”God Moving Over The Face of The Waters” by Moby played for a minute and a half. The silhouettes of the band came up on stage and Theory took over the audio going right into “Lowlife” from the album The Truth Is… which was released in 2011. The rhythm was upbeat and the packed floor crowd was just jamming to the slide guitar of Dave Brenner! Just as quickly, the stage darkened when the song ended. Tyler Connolly, without an introduction, started “Bitch Came Back” to the delight of the crowd as they sang with him word for word. At one point in the song, Dave Brenner and Dean Back stood face to face behind Connolly and in front of Joey Dandeneau’s drum riser stacking the band in single file, a cool visual.

At the halfway point a piano was rolled out on a dark stage. When the lights came up Tyler Connolly was alone on stage at the piano and performed “Wicked Game”. His vocals were spot on with the bravado and pitch of the original vocals of Chris Isaac whom wrote the song. With a bit of a tease, he then went into “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and let the audience sing one line then stopped. He played two notes of “Jump” by Van Halen, just before he opened the top of the piano and started dispensing canned beers to the crowd. That was a first for me at a show, usually it’s the audience sharing beers with the band? Anyway, they went into “Straight Jacket” to finish the piano part of the show.

The set ended with Connolly talking to the audience about going to The Arnold Palmer Invitational earlier in the day and how he went on Walt Disney‘s rides last time he was in town. It finally made sense as he said this next song is the perfect song to call in sick to work. As the band started playing “Hate My Life” the fans erupted and another sing along was underway. The band left the stage and then returned for two songs, “RX (Medicate)” and “Bad Girlfriend” after another teaser intro of Guns N Roses “Paradise City.”

Theory Of A Deadman played something from all seven albums and put on a very entertaining show. Their audience left tired, hoarse, and completely satisfied.



Tyler Connolly – Lead Vocals/Lead and Rhythm Guitar 

Dave Brenner – Rhythm and Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals 

Dean Back – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Joey Dandeneau – Drums/Backing Vocals






1.)  Lowlife

2.)  Bitch Came Back 

3.)  World Keeps Spinning

4.)  Santa Monica

5.)  So Happy

6.)  Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)

7.)  Straight Jacket

8.)  Nothing Can Come

9.) Not Meant To Be

10.)  History Of Violence

11.)  Angel

12.)  Hate My Life 


13.)  RX  (Medicate)

14.) Bad Girlfriend (Paradise City Intro)




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