Thursday and Cursive Celebrate 20+ years of “Full Collapse and Domestica” at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 6, 2022



Long-time rock bands Thursday and Cursive made a stop at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on a Tuesday night in Toronto. Thursday is celebrating the 21st anniversary of their album, Full Collapse, while Cursive is celebrating 20 years of their 2000 album, Domestica. The crowd filled in to sing their hearts out and celebrate a night of emo and hardcore music from the past. Rock singer Anthony Green was set to open the show but had to cancel the following few shows due to sickness. So the stage was set for Cursive and Thursday to rock the stage.


Indie-rock band Cursive rocked the stage by performing “Big Bang” and “It’s Gonna Hurt” before playing Domestica from beginning to end. I was amazed by the never-ending energy frontman Tim Kasher effortlessly sang and screamed to every song while playing his guitar. Megan Siebe was head banging with force while playing her cello, while Matt Maginn, Clint Schnase, Ted Stevens and Patrick Newbery all played their respective instruments in unison. Cursive are a rock band that sounds better than ever live since they first started in 1995. 



Tim Kasher – Lead vocals, guitars

Matt Maginn – Bass, backing vocals

Clint Schnase – Drummer

Ted Stevens – Guitars, backing vocals

Patrick Newbery – Trumpet, percussions, keyboards

Megan Siebe – Cello




1. Big Bang

2. It’s Gonna Hurt

3. The Casualty

4. The Martyr

5. Shallow Means, Deep Ends

6. Making Friends and Acquaintances 

7. A Red So Deep

8. The Lament of Pretty Baby

9. The Game of Who Needs Who the Worst

10. The Radiator Hums 

11. The Night I Lost the Will to Fight

12. A Gentleman Caller 

13. From the Hips

14. The Great Decay 



After a 30-minute intermission, the lights dimmed for the arrival of post-hardcore band Thursday. The band approached onstage with the crowd cheering loudly before they started playing the first track of Full Collapse, “A0001.” The crowd was already pumped as lead singer Geoff Rickly flew around the stage singing while pointing to the crowd to sing the words. During the middle of the set, Geoff talked about how this record changed their lives and is the reason why Thursday is playing shows today. With a record that has inspired acts such as My Chemical Romance and Senses Fail, it’s no wonder why so many people worldwide have loved this record. From the first track to the last song, “I1100,” the crowd was energized and singing along to the fullest. 

After Thursday left the stage, the crowd kept cheering their name, hoping for more music. The band returned and played four more songs to end the night. “This Song Brought to You by a Falling Bomb” was a piano ballad from Geoff, contrasting to the band’s post-hardcore tunes. The band ended the show with “War All the Time” as Geoff led the crowd to sing the last words before thanking them for a fantastic night. The show was a nostalgia of emo and hardcore music, making it an unforgettable show for many of the audience. 



Geoff Rickly – Lead vocals

Tom Keeley – Lead guitars, backing vocals

Tim Payne – Bass

Tucker Rule – Drummer

Steve Pedulla – Rhythm guitars, backing vocals




1. A0001

2. Understanding In a Car Crash

3. Concealer

4. Autobiography of a Nation

5. A Hole in the World

6. Cross Out the Eyes

7. Paris in Flames

8. I Am the Killer

9. Standing on the Edge of Summer

10. Wind-Up

11. How Long Is the Night?

12. I1100


13. Jet Black New Year

14. This Song Brought to You by a Falling Bomb

15. Fast to the End

16. War All the Time





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