TNT’s Ronni Le Tekro Hints At Making New TNT Music, And Discusses New Album With Ledfoot 3/2/2023



Ronni Le Tekro is a founding member of the legendary Norwegian metal band TNT. As a member of TNT, he has been inducted into the Rockheim Hall Of Fame in Norway and has been called one of the world’s 25 best guitarists by Guitar Player magazine. As a follow-up to last year’s solo album Bigfoot TV, Ronni is set to release another record with singer-guitarist Ledfoot called Limited Edition Lava Lamp, and it comes out March 24th on TBC Records.

In this interview, Ronni talks to us from the south of Spain, where he is writing music and vacationing with his daughter. Ronni talks about the songs on Limited Edition Lava Lamp, and gives us a small peek at what’s going on in the TNT world!

Ronni is always a lovely and honest guy, so sit back and enjoy the great insight into the world of Ronni Le Tekro.




“Ego In The Coffin” video:





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