TNT’s Ronni Le Tekro Talks About His Latest Solo Album Bigfoot TV, And How He Intends To Celebrate 40 Years Of TNT 3/10/2022


Guitarist Ronni Le Tekro of classic metal band TNT talks about his latest solo album, Bigfoot TV. Ronni addresses the 40th anniversary of TNT and tells us what he would like to do to celebrate. There’s a reason Ronni Le Tekro has been called one of the World’s 25 Best Guitarists by Guitar Player magazine. When Ronni talks about the development of his “Quarterstepper” guitar it’s clear that he is as innovative as he is dexterous with his instrument. You’ll hear Ronni express his love of Joe Walsh and Frank Marino music, and you’ll learn about his Master’s degree in Wicca Witchcraft and his practice as a Wiccan.




“Moving Like A Cat” video:





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