TOMMY DAVIDSON (In Living Color) Talks Music, Comedy, Love, And His Greatest Accomplishment October 2, 2023



Tommy Davidson rose to fame as a cast member on the groundbreaking television show In Living Color. Over the years, he has had feature roles in films like Strictly Business with Halle Berry, Spike Lee’s Bamboozled, Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura II, and many more. Tommy is also an author, telling his incredible story in his 2020 autobiography, Living In Color: What’s Funny About Me. Thrown in the trash at just 18 months old and raised by a Caucasian family during the Civil Rights Movement, Tommy learned about love, hate, race, and the human spirit. He would go on to host television programs, participate in reality shows, do voiceover work, and always find a way to make people laugh. But his impact on the entertainment industry doesn’t stop there. Tommy is also a musician.

In this interview, Tommy talks about his love for music, his latest work, and what we might hear in the future. He talks about working with legends of the Jazz genre, like Richard Elliott and Dave Koz. He talks about a young kid named Sean “Puffy” Combs, who he had as a personal assistant. He talks about his clothing line called Tongue In Cheek. He talks about cooking and his favorite dish. He talks about love and getting a fresh start. He talks about his incredible mother.

I have been doing interviews for over two decades now, and I cannot remember a time when I had a more fun, stimulating, and heartfelt conversation. Tommy Davidson is one very special person. I feel so very fortunate to have spent this special time with Tommy, and I hope you can feel the love and respect that was in the room for this one-of-a-kind conversation.




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