Tori Kelly Lights Up the Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, Kentucky on April 30, 2024



The crowd was electric as they crammed into the intimate Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, Kentucky. The sold-out crowd was ready for a show filled with passion and vocal prowess that only Tori Kelly could bring. The opening track rose and the lights dimmed around 8:00 PM as the opener, Zinadelphia took the stage.

Zinadelphia consisted of lead vocalist Zinadelphia and Harlee Torres on bass. The set was melodic and had a jazz, soul sound that set the tone for the night. Zinadelphia led with masterful vocals and musicality one would expect from an opener for powerhouse vocalist, Tori Kelly. Zinadelphia sang six different songs, moving from mellow track to mellow track. While she was an unknown artist, the audience was receptive to the new tracks and her musical stylings. The highlight of the set for the audience came when she sang the cover of Gloria Gaynor‘s “I Will Survive.” It was a different, more jazz take on the classic, but a hit with the audience nonetheless. Her ability to deliver smooth, flawless vocals had the audience enthralled. 



Zinadelphia– Vocals/Guitar
Harlee Torres- Bass




1.) Love over glory
2.) Mirrorball
3.) Love language
4.) Zinfandel
5.) I will survive (Gloria Gaynor cover)
6.) Cosmos


At about 9:00 PM, the audience was primed with anticipation. It was the moment they had been waiting for all night. The band amped up the people with a musical intro, and Tori Kelly took the stage with charisma and energy. The crowd was engaged with every song, singing loudly the entire night. Kelly started her set with high-energy songs like “Thing You Do,” hyping the crowd up with dancing and having the crowd sing along. She moved on to her songs “Cut” and “Unbelievable,” which were met with just as much enthusiasm. 

Tori kept the energy up through the first part of her set, keeping the audience singing boisterously to hits like “Nobody to Love,” “Spruce,” and “Diamonds.” Every song was filled with joy and high energy. She then moved to a part of the show where she took requests from the audience because she wanted it to be special for each stop of the tour. She sang these songs acoustically with just an acoustic guitar and herself. The crowd yelled out song choices, and she sang “City Dove,” “Don’t You Worry About A Thing,” and “Oceans.” It was a raw and unplanned moment, which the crowd loved. 

Tori Kelly kept the soulful, grounded vibe going with songs like “High Water” and “Never Alone.” She showed her musical range and went with a gospel sound while covering “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” which showcased her beautiful singing. She filled the show with songs that told her story, like “Same Girl,” which told about her dreams to be a singer as a young girl, and her popular track, “Hollow.” The crowd was not ready for her to be done when she walked off the stage with “Alive if I Die.” The audience chanted her back on the stage for the encore, “Missin U,” off her 2023 self-titled EP, Tori.


Tori Kelly:

Tori Kelly– Lead Vocals & Guitar
Mike Patrick– Keyboard
Jordan Coker– Drums




1.) Thing You Do
2.) Cut
3.) Unbelievable 
4.) Should’ve Been Us
5.) Nobody to Love
7.) Diamonds
8.) City Dove/Don’t You Worry About A Thing/Oceans
9.) High Water
10.) Never Alone/I’ll Find You
11.) Bridge Over Troubled Water (Jacob Collier Cover)
12.) Shine On
13.) Dear No One 
14.) Same Girl
15.) Hollow 
16.) Shelter
17.) Alive If I Die


18.) Missin U





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