Tragedy of The Supernova Music Festival attack – Israel Monday, 9th October 2023



We as a civilization attend festivals across the world, both large and small. Millions of music fans worldwide do this to celebrate music, freedom of expression and above all just to have a great time. There really is nothing better, whether it’s soaking up the rich atmosphere, dancing to your favourite songs performed by your favourite bands or DJ’s, or discovering something new – a sound or artist you don’t know but will grow to love.

Then there’s the social aspect, whether it be the good friends you’ve gone with, arranged to meet up with and hang out with, or people you meet and befriend while you’re there. Music does that – it
brings people together and quite honestly, as music lovers, it’s our sanctuary, our happy place.

However this can be ruined, desecrated even! The news hit globally less than 24 hours ago that the Supernova Music Festival in the Negev Desert dust lands of Southern Israel, close to the borders with Palestine, has become the latest victim of a totally unprovoked and without warning attack. It’s no surprise that the music world and everyone else was left reeling. Approximately three thousand attendees, alongside staff, security, artists, crew and technical workers were present at this famous event celebrating dance and trance anthems, a gathering of like minded music lovers coinciding with the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, This should have been a fitting end to the holiday celebrations; however a four to five hour reign of terror began in the early hours.

Revellers were enjoying the trance tunes inside the tented festival when the euphoric sounds ended abruptly, only to be replaced by the terrifying sound of rocket missiles raining down from the skies above, coming under attack from countless missiles, which reportedly went on for some time. When this finally ended, as revellers tried to flee to safety it became apparent this wasn’t the end, as reportedly militia stormed the event, slaughtering by opening firing upon the panic stricken and terrified crowds with automatic weapons. Not only were these innocent people being shot at relentlessly but many were snatched and taken captive, and hundreds still remain unaccounted for.

There are as yet no official numbers of the deceased and injured or of those taken hostage, but the toll is estimated to be in the hundreds. We can only imagine how earth shatteringly horrific and truly terrifying this must have been, and the ripples from this will go on further than this music festival event, as this was just a part of larger attack.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all victims, the injured, those taken prisoner and to those who escaped; anyone surviving this atrocity will undoubtedly be left in deep shock and traumatized. Our thoughts are also with the families of the victims, the hostages and those unaccounted for. This will be a truly harrowing time.

War, terror and any attack on life of any form is the darkest side of humanity. Music is a medium that brings people together; it should be a good thing; it can convey emotion, a depth of feeling; it can be a form of protest or it can comfort; it can move us, unite us and help us remember. People should be able to celebrate music, performance, and dance and be together in a venue or at a festival without fear of attack (equally so in any aspect of life).

As a part of the global music industry it’s important for us to mark this needless tragedy and to show our huge respect for these innocent victims of this latest attack. All Music Magazine is truly shocked and deeply saddened by these events and send heartfelt thoughts to all affected.