Trixter Plays a Sold-Out Hometown Show at the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, New Jersey on May 18, 2024



The quiet town of Teaneck, New Jersey sits in the shadow of the bustling New York City. The small town that holds just over 40,000 people sees residents commute into the largest city in the United States at all hours of the day. But, unlike the city, North Bergen County is home to 80s rock band, Trixter. The Paramus, New Jersey band got their start after their first record, 1990’s Trixter had several hit songs like “One In a Million,” “Surrender” and “Give It To Me Good.” In fact, “Give It To Me Good” features some local New Jersey restaurants and streets still there today.

Trixter guitarist Steve Brown called this tour the “Spirit of ‘89” and or the “What The Fuck Happened To MTV” tour which received thunderous applause from the hometown sold-out crowd at the Debonair Music Hall. Trixter recruited the young up-and-coming band Band Inc., as well as glam metal veterans Pretty Boy Floyd and Enuff Z’Nuff, to join them on this tour. This made the entire night a reunion of MTV hits and Headbangers Ball classics.

Band Inc. was the first to serenade the crowd with hard rock music. While at the time of the band’s performance, people were still filing into the venue and buying drinks, Band Inc. did captivate the audience who were at the front of the stage. The band has gone through a few lineup changes throughout their young career. Most recently, former guitarist Crispy Borell departed from the band due to “creative differences.” The one consistent member of the group has been Giuliana Lucia Amaral, the bassist and lead singer. Her powerhouse vocals rocked the hall. Eventually, patrons moved from the bar area to get a closer look at the band on stage.

While their setlist was cut a few songs short, they did an excellent job bringing the power and energy to a quiet venue anticipating their hometown heroes. Unfortunately, each state has a curfew for live entertainment which meant each band had to keep to their timeslot. The Massachusetts native band played a total of five great songs. Their last song was an amazing rendition of Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark.” Amaral’s higher-pitched vocals were an excellent addition to this metal classic. Throughout the band’s set, they thanked the audience and their smiles never left their faces. They certainly have a bright future ahead of them.


Band Inc. is:

Giuliana Lucia Amaral – Bass/Lead Vocals

Luís Kalil – Guitar/Background Vocals

Lorenzo Meynardi – Drums




1. Queen of Insanity

2. You’re Not The One

3. Ruined Myself

4. Flying High

5. Rainbow In the Dark (Dio cover)


After a quick set change, the house lights dimmed, drummer Chris Densky was perched on top of his drums and the rest of Pretty Boy Floyd hit the stage and blasted into “Your Momma Won’t Know.” While a more modern goth look has replaced the glam metal look of the olden days, their music holds. Lead singer Steve Summers brought even more energy to a crowd that had surged forward at the start of the band’s set. Pretty Boy Floyd, like Band Inc., had to keep to the tight time restrictions and keep the show moving forward. The band strictly only played tunes off their debut record, 1989’s Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz. 

The entire band played an electric seven-song set of classic songs from their debut record. Pretty Boy Floyd was arguably the loudest of the four bands that night. During their rendition of “48 Hours,” during the chorus, Summers would approach the edge of the crowd and put the microphones to the fan’s mouth so they could belt out the lyrics. The band featured two new members, Lonny Paul on bass guitar and Densky on drums. Densky was filling in for Nick Mason for a few shows. Despite the new additions to the four-piece group, the crowd was in love with Pretty Boy Floyd and did a great job at being in the middle of the bill.

Like Band Inc., Pretty Boy Floyd also took the last minute of their set to get a photo with the sold-out crowd. At one point, Summers jokingly yelled at one photographer to jump up on stage. After the photographer didn’t, Summers jokingly yelled again at a fan to take a photo until a road crew member took a picture of the band with the audience in the background. The whole interaction had fans laughing as Pretty Boy Floyd left a positive impression on the fans as they prepared for Enuff Z’Nuff.


Pretty Boy Floyd is:

Steve Summers – Lead Vocals

Dizzy Aster – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Lonny Paul – Bass/Backing Vocals

Chris Densky – Drums




1. Your Momma Won’t Know

2. Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz

3. Wild Angels

4. Rock and Roll Outlaws

5. 48 Hours

6. I Wanna Be With You

7. Rock & Roll (Is Gonna Set the Night On Fire)


Again, another quick stage change signaled the start for the Blue Island, Illinois natives, Enuff Z’Nuff. The band, like the other two before them, had eight songs to make their impressions on the audience. There was another surge from the all-age audience, especially the ones with the band’s signature green peace mark logo on their shirts. With an intro of “Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth,” blasting into the speakers, the band jumped right into a cover of The Beatles‘ “Magical Mystery Tour” which also appeared on their 2021 Beatles cover record, Enuff Z’Nuff’s Hardrock Nite.

I have been very fortunate to see the band once before. They were the first concert I attended coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic just a few miles down the street at Dingbatz in Clifton, New Jersey. Like the last time I saw them – three years ago – they were a tight-knit group. Enuff Z’Nuff most recently spent their time touring all of Europe so by the time they played Debonair Music Hall, they were a well-oiled machine. Throughout the entire set, they played all their hits across their career. Lead singer Chip Z’Nuff sported his classic giant round sunglasses and hat. With his bass which sported all different stickers in hand, he led the band through hits like “Fly High Michelle,” “Baby Loves You” and “New Thing.”

Z’Nuff’s voice has held intact after all these years and it’s great to see the band continue to play shows after their original lead singer, Donnie Vie departed from the band. Enuff Z’Nuff has kept the spirit of 80’s rock and roll alive as they have played for their “brothers and sisters,” as Z’Nuff calls his fans. As the band played the final notes of “With a Little Help From My Friends,” which was originally recorded by The Beatles – arguably made more popular by Joe Cocker – the band quickly jumped off stage for Trixter.


Enuff Z’Nuff is:

Chip Z’Nuff – Lead Vocals/Bass

Troy Stoffregen – Guitar/Background Vocals

Jason Herman – Guitar/Background Vocals

Brennt Arcement – Drums




1. Magical Mystery Tour (The Beatles cover)

2. Kiss The Clown

3. The Love Train

4. Baby Loves You

5. Jet (The Beatles cover)

6. Fly High Michelle

7. New Thing

8. With a Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles cover)


The Trixter trio consists of original bassist P.J. Farley and guitarist Steve Brown. Joining them is Nashville, Tennesse drummer, Ben Hans. Hans has also played with Brown and Farley during the Trixter acoustic shows in addition to drumming in Eric Martin of Mr. Big‘s band and Kip Winger‘s band. Trixter – being the headliner – played a total of 11 tunes for the jam-packed crowd. By now, the audience was thrust forward toward the stage as all eyes were on Trixter.

Brown’s energy and love for what he does was apparent from the first song of “Rockin Horse.” for the entire show, Brown was moving and dancing all over the stage. Perfectly complimenting Brown was Farley who was steady as ever on bass. Farley’s perfectly calculated stage moves were never too flashy nor too tame. Throughout the show, Brown and Farley traded off singing songs and every once in a while, would talk to the audience about growing up in the area and having fun as kids. Hans was perfect behind the kit. He hit the drums with such power and velocity, I felt each drum beat in my chest. 

Brown and Farley have been each other’s yin and yang for their entire career. Throughout their career, they have always played in bands together, whether it was with Trixter, cover bands, or backing bands. Their chemistry is obvious and their playfulness with each other is great. Like Enuff Z’Nuff, Trixter played their deep cuts and a cover as well as their hits. At the first few notes of “One In a Million” and “Give It To Me Good,” the fans all cheered for the biggest hits that they grew up on. At the end of the show, there was an all-star jam of all four bands which brought another round of applause from the audience. The band jammed to Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Nite.” It was a great unity of music and the smiles across all the band’s faces were great to see.

The Trixter Electric Tour is one of the best 80’s rock tours currently happening. For the length of the show, it was truly a headbangers ball as the rock and roll mayhem from the 80s took a revival at the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, New Jersey.


Trixter is:

Steve Brown – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Backing Vocals

P.J. Farley – Lead Vocals/Bass/Backing Vocals

Ben Hans – Drums/Backing Vocals




1. Rockin’ Horse

2. Line of Fire

3. Tattoos & Misery

4. Road of a Thousand Dreams

5. Heart of Steel

6. Human Era

7. Surrender

8. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon cover)

9. One In a Million

10. Waiting In That Line

11. Give It to Me Good






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