The Veer Union with special guests 2 Shadows and Madzilla recently stopped at Houston’s Scout Bar during their Rock Shop Records Spring Tour, and to say that Houston fans were grateful is an understatement.

Opening the show was Madzilla, a band from Las Vegas. I highly recommend them, because beside their musical talent, they are just plain fun to watch. The early and intimate crowd was completely entertained by their onstage antics, and their friendly banter with the audience made them all the more loveable, if that’s possible at a metal show. I chatted with with lead singer David Cabezas after the show, who said that all they really want is for the audience to have fun. I’d say they nailed it. 



David Cabezas (Lead Vocals, Guitar),

Daniel Gortaire (Bass/Background Vocals),

Luis Zevallos (Drums)

Dane Haws (Guitar)





1.) Endless Damnation

2.) Vengeance

3.) Asphyxiated Cries

4.) Destiny’s Eyes


About halfway through Madzilla’s set, 2 shadows came in the door. After a rough day with a trailer breakdown, they entered stage only moments after Madzilla, but blazed through their set with the musical excellence and energy expected of much more seasoned act. The audience felt their energy, and responded in kind. With inspiration coming from bands such as Motionless in White and Avenged Sevenfold, it’s easy to see why 2 Shadows is in the spotlight. Lead vocalist Glenn Bridden’s melodic voice and throaty growl, intricately entwined with Tryst Germaine’s guitar work, is perfect for this generation of metal music. I look for 2 Shadows to get the airplay they deserve, now that they’ve dropped their new EP Bring The Cold Inside and are touring nationally.



Glen Bridden (Lead Vocals)

Tryst Germaine (Guitars)

Braidyn Michaels (Guitars)

Josh Lauze (Drums)





1.) Blackened Wings

2.) Screamworks

3.) Scratching at the Surface

4.) Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day cover)

5.) The Devil’s Target

6.) Keep Breathing In


There’s no other way to say it: Veer Union’s performance was phenomenal. Lead singer Crispin Earl beguiled the audience from the moment he appeared on stage, and took them on a journey through the band’s new music from their just-released Manifestations album, as well as through a variety of their hits over the last decade. The Veer Union is the kind of band you always need in your life; their catalog is filled with tasty morsels of alt-metal, rock, a little pop-rock, covers, and even a few ballads. There’s something for everyone. The crowd at Scout Bar was so enchanted with Earl during his performance, that they started purchasing “green tea” shots for the band, and setting them on the stage. At one point, Earl declared “I love Texas…no matter what happens, you guys always f…ing bring it”, to which the enthusiastic crowd cheered with delight. He’s not wrong; Texans love a good rock show, and that’s just what Veer Union delivered; an amazing rock show that gave just enough, but left the audience wanting more.



Crispin Earl: Lead Vocals

Ryan Ramsdell : Rhythm Guitar

Ricardo Viana: Drums




1.) World Awaken

2.) Slipping Through

3.) Bitter End

4.) From The Fire in You

5.) Defying Gravity

6.) Behind the Blackened Sky

7.) Living Not Alive

8.) Standing My Ground

9.) Nightmare (Halsey cover)

10.) Seasons

11.) Numb / Epic / What Have We Done





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