Victory Casino Cruises Big Norm’s Club V

About The Venue

Big Norm’s Club V is a high energy night club located on the 4th deck of Victory Casino Cruises.
Big Norm’s Club V is located on deck 4 of Victory Casino Cruises. We offer a high energy dance party every Friday and Saturday Night. We also offer big name entertainment from all over the country! Visit the Victory Casino Cruises website at and check our events page for upcoming concerts and events.
Why do we call it Big Norm’s Club V?
DJ Big Norm Bullock was born in Atlantic City, NJ and raised in St. Petersburg, FL. Norm was a DJ for many years, working in various venues.
Norm got his start working on cruise ships when he was 12 years old and was invited by the Captain to hang out on a ship going out of the St. Petersburg area. It wasn’t long before Norm became a member of the ship’s crew. With the connections he had from working on that ship, Norm had the opportunity to hang out at a local radio station at age 14. Everyone liked having Norm around, even at such a young age. Norm’s first DJ job was with a street promo team for a local radio station. Norm would take the station truck out and do promotions all over the Tampa/St Pete area. He would participate in live remote broadcasts. A lot of times he would work for free to gain the knowledge and exposure. One time, there was a promo at Target and Norm colored his hair like the Target Logo. Yep, the full red and white bull’s eye!
Norm’s first job as a house DJ was at a local night club and it just took off from there. Norm had dreamed of his own night club for years when the idea for Club V was created. Something cool about Norm is that he was a huge fan of George Clinton. So much so that he had a beautiful tattooed portrait of George on his thigh. When he got to meet George Clinton in person, he showed it to George and George loved it!
Norm was also a very talented artist and used his amazing talent as a tattooist. In Norm’s spare time, he became an EMT. You name it, Norm probably did it. From learning how to play the Steel Drums to refurbishing Classic Mini Coopers, his favorite kind of car. What is unusual about Norm’s love for the Mini Cooper is that he was 6’ 11” tall! Norm was always referred to as the “Gentle Giant”. When we asked his family and friends what he is most remembered for, they tell us his sense of humor and his ability to make people smile just by entering a room.
Shortly after Norm’s untimely death in October 2011, Victory Casino Cruises added the words “Big Norm’s” to the Club V name. After all, it was Big Norm’s dream, vision and creation! Thanks to Norm, we have a place where we can bring you big name entertainment and the only floating night club in Florida!

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