Vixen heats up The Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville Connecticut 1/15/22


On a brisk 5-degree Fahrenheit January night, I ventured up to the Wolf Den at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun casino for Vixen’s first show of 2022. The last time I saw these rock stars was at Monsters on the Mountain in Tennessee last October. They are a rock/metal band from the 1980’s that is most well known for their hit songs “Cryin'” and “Edge of a Broken Heart”. Vixen made an appearance in The Decline of Western Civilization II; The Metal Years

The Vixen ladies were all decked out in stage clothes from Lorraine’s custom leather jacket and vest to Roxy’s bad ass studded pants to Share’s custom stitched, sort of acid washed stretch pants, which by the way my daughter says she absolutely needs. They opened the set with “Rev It Up”, off of their 1990 album of the same name. Next up they performed “Waiting for The Big One”, a song from Lorraine Lewis’ former band Femme Fatale. Lorraine was the singer for Femme Fatale from 1987-1990, and 2013-2019 when they played their final show on The Monsters of Rock Cruise, while performing double duty as Vixen’s new singer. Lorraine has brought a new sense of energy and excitement to the band and really gets the fans to participate in almost every song. The bond these ladies has formed definitely shows on by the way they smile and communicate with each other on stage. 

“Cruisin'” on through the set it is apparent that these ladies can still kick ass on stage as each member was given a few minutes to showcase their talents. It was particularly fun when Share and Britt do a little back and forth kind of dueling with each other and when Roxy put a smile on Lorraine’s face with a kick ass double bass drumbeat. Vixen did lots of fun intros and medleys throughout the night. Like starting to play the beginning of Van Halen’s “Running with the Devil” then rolling into “I Want You to Rock Me”. Also playing “I Don’t Need No Doctor”, which Share Ross takes over lead vocals, then going into Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold.” Britt then took over on lead vocals, before returning back to finish out the song.

At one point, Share invited Haydee Irizarry up from the crowd to sing a few notes. She is the lead singer for a band called Carnivora and helped out Britt Lightning with her Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp recently in Florida. What an amazing voice this talented young lady has!

After playing several more favorites, Tyson Leslie breaks out into a keyboard solo that lasted a minute and a half. Then Lorraine literally kicked off into “Edge of a Broken Heart” for their final song of the night. For those of you who don’t know Tyson, he is Vixen’s keyboard player and tour manager. He is probably one of the most well-rounded musicians I have the pleasure of being friends with. He plays almost every instrument known and can kick ass singing as well. He hosts a roaming show called Rare Hare which has guest musicians performing mostly 80’s and 90’s metal covers. After the show, Lorraine and Britt sat on the side of the stage and greeted fans, took photos with them and signed autographs.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see Vixen recently, you have to check out this current lineup as they are a well-oiled machine and really make it fun for the crowd. Next up for Vixen is Rok Island Fest in Key West Florida on Monday January 17, and then on the Monsters of Rock Cruise in February.



Vixen is:

Roxy Petrucci – Drums

Share Ross – Bass Guitar

Britt Lightning – Guitar

Lorraine Lewis – Vocals

Tyson Leslie – Keyboards




  1. Rev It Up
  2. Waiting for The Big One (Femme Fatale cover)
  3. How Much Love
  4. Cruisin’
  5. Cryin’ (Jeff Paris cover)
  6. I Want You to Rock Me
  7. Streets in Paradise
  8. I Don’t Need No Doctor (Nickolas Ashford cover)
  9. Fallin’ In and Out of Love
  10. You Oughta Know by Now (Raymond Louis Kennedy cover)
  11. Love Made Me
  12. Edge of a Broken Heart




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