Vlad In Tears’ Kris Vlad Discusses Relapse Album, Struggles, Embracing Darkness, And Lack Of Synths February 5, 2024



Vlad In Tears frontman Kris Vlad is many things. He is a singer and musician, a producer, a songwriter, and a human being. And, his being a complex and caring individual is a lot of what drives his music. After forming Vlad In Tears in 2007 in Cassino, Italy, he moved to Berlin, Germany in 2013. Along with his brothers, Dario and Alessio, Kris has continued to build Vlad In Tears throughout the years. Vlad In Tears is often described as dark goth or alternative, but with their new album Relapse, which will be available on Metalville Records on March 8, 2024, the band has taken on a more rock-based sound.

In this interview, Kris tells us about the change in sound, the absence of synth instruments (a first for the band), and the inspiring story of how fan letters and stories of struggle inspired this great new material.




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