Breaking the Ice: Wakey's 'Heartbreak in the Winter' Redefines Hip-Hop Emotion Released on January 24, 2024



Breaking the Ice: Wakey’s ‘Heartbreak in the Winter’ Redefines Hip-Hop Emotion Released on January 24, 2024


Berserk at Sin City Cabaret, partaking in debauchery, surrounded by raucous escapades; sex, drugs, and an excessive aggregate of alcohol, heavy angst, and wild nightclubbing with striptease, exotic dancers. Outside, it’s rush hour, a bitter, late afternoon winter in the City of Brotherly Love, but here, in collaboration with various recording studios, you’d never know it. It is an unpredicted, knock for six to hear how softly spoken — almost sluggish, even — subtle and rueful rather than loud and lively, emotionally transparent rather than a thuggy tempestuous debut that is Wakey’s newest trap, laid-back, hip-hop offering in the rueful, Heartbreak in the Winter.


Dressed to the nines in a vibrant pink silk suit, Wakey — the boldest, most charismatic rapper of the day — captivates all onlookers who embody hip-hop culture. With his assertive, rhythm and blues sensibility in modern hip-hop approach by a pierced, dangling skull earring and a dazzling, big, bright-leading man smile that lights up any room, he attracts the attention of attractive women. As he immerses himself in the raw emotions and unfiltered truths of hip-hop, Wak Fearlessly explores the depths of the genre, unearthing its most profound insights and revelations. Through every lull and rousey, rip-roaring lyric, he exposes his innermost struggles and triumphs; from Tupac’s raw energy and Kanye West’s vulnerability, beckoning prying groupies to embark on an unaccompanied, melancholic voyage of self-discovery and reflection.


When asked about his musical influences, Wakey responded with candid sincerity, providing a vivid portrayal of his upbringing. “I grew up in a household with my big brother and cousins,” he began. “Listening to a lot of hip-hop, you can hear the ambition; Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Tupac, I fell in love with it, wrote my first song and ever since then, I’ve been locked in.” Wak’s fervor for hip-hop radiates through his words, showcasing a profound bond with the music that has molded his essence. As he refines his artistry and unveils his distinctive voice to the world, it becomes evident that his artistic journey is merely in its nascent stages. 


Songs such as “Thought You Were A Vibe,” “Hold Up Wait,” “All In The Game,” and “Blue Heart” stand out as some of the most deftly executed rap tracks on record because Wakey intertwines all of his experiences into a chaotic whirlpool where distinctions blur — personal triumphs and heartaches, struggles and achievements, dreams and nightmares all meld together seamlessly. He raps in Thought You Were A Vibe: “When you said he hit you, I was gonna get him; lie. I take that back/Can’t beef about a bitch, I’m just tryna get rich.” Thought-provoking and relatable. Trust is broken and loyalty is questioned. These words convey a sense of betrayal and a desire for success, showcasing a raw and unapologetic attitude. Continuing on, Wak expresses, “Kept it real with you and you switch, it is what it is/They say if it was meant, it will be meant/Guess, it was never meant.” And with conviction, he raps, “Fake love till’ we cold-hearted.” These lyrics reflect a sense of resignation and acceptance of fate, highlighting the complexities of relationships and the inevitability of certain outcomes. This track from Wakey’s album Heartbreak In The Winter is undoubtedly a standout, revealing the artist’s exceptional talent for creating soulful, introspective music that deeply resonates with listeners. It exudes a vibe that can be sung, rapped, and danced to.


Imagine being a rapper in the midst of a fierce battle, trying to hold back and wait for the perfect moment to strike. But then, “Hold Up Wait” comes crashing in like a relentless storm, overwhelming your senses with its pounding beat and aggressive lyrics. It’s like a punch to the gut, leaving you breathless yet exhilarated. The track is a bold mix of bravado and vulnerability, painting a graphic picture of the gritty reality of street life. Wak’s distinctive flow is sharp as a razor, slicing through the cold air with precision and power. His delivery is fierce and unapologetic, drawing you in and refusing to let go.


“All In The Game”, featuring K Smith, who happens to be the nephew of the renowned actor Will Smith, is a song that takes jabs and digs into the harsh realities of wealth, envy, treachery, and the ruthless realm of show business; a relentless pursuit of happiness while navigating the challenges of life in the trenches. Wakey and K Smith, together, embody the raw emotions and unfiltered truths of their experiences.


“Blue Heart” by Wakey featuring Jamila Thompson is an enraptured, mesmerizing fusion of soulful vocals and eerie melodies. The lyrics of the songs plunge into the abyss of heartache and yearning, vividly portraying a tale of lost love. Jamila Thompson’s vocals are powerful and full of emotion, captivating the audience with every single note, and leaving a lasting impression; consumed by a deep sea of desolation and despair, lost in a world of strangers and noise, his soul adrift of blue emotions that offers no solace or respite.


 Soon, he’s ready to bug out and leave the club. Outside, chaos ensues, with flashing lights, blaring music, and a cacophony of voices assaulting his senses. Amidst this frenzy, his eyes are drawn to a mesmeric gathering of electric eyes that seem to pierce through the madness. Taking a moment to collect myself, I take a deep breath, inhaling the intoxicating aroma of a city alive with excitement. Yet, Wakey abstains from the temptation that surrounds him, a man remaining steadfast in his commitment to sobriety and self-discipline. Nevertheless, the night is still young, and the possibilities are endless. Like cruising through the city, observing the buildings illuminated by the glow of lights. He aims for his audience to not only empathize with the pain of heartbreak but also to feel motivated to chase that paper and elevate their lives. It’s a whirlwind of emotions.


When questioned about the personal impact he desires listeners to glean from his album, Wak responded with a mix of heartache and determination. He seeks to evoke both the agony of defeat and the bittersweet flavor of striving for success. The album embodies the fulfillment of a vision he once only dared to imagine, now made a reality. Heartbreak In The Winter is not just a languid, grandiose album for Wakey — it represents the culmination of his tireless effort, unwavering dedication, and unbridled passion for the art form known as hip-hop. It is a dream he has relentlessly chased since his initial foray into the recording studio.


In essence, Heartbreak In The Winter is the realization of his wildest dreams. It serves as a testament to his tortured, tumultuous journey and a beacon of hope for all those who dare to dream big and never give up on their aspirations. Even after being chewed up, spit out, and having your heart torn asunder by a merciless force of femme fatales. The most hottest love often ends in the most coldest, heart-wrenching of ways. Heartbreak strikes with a chilling sorrow, especially amidst the icy grip of winter when even the warmest hearts grow cold.



I think that Wakey’s album Heartbreak In The Winter is an exceptional project of an artist who is just starting his career. However, if I would accurately give it a rating, I’d say an 8/10



Track List Of “Heartbreak In The Winter”


1. 8Pm in D.C.

2. Thought You Were a Vibe

3. Bank Account

4. Iran (feat. Rose Gold)

5. In My Eyes

6. My Lady

7. Gave You A Rush (feat. Khylil & M3ladik)

8. Hold Up Wait

9. Get It Right Back (feat. Gigi Glizzy)

10. Feeling The Drip

11. West Side (feat. Artist)

12. All In The Game (feat. K Smith)

13. Pop Out

14. Blue Heart (feat. Jamila Thompson)