Wednesday 13 Performs Murderdolls – Supports Announced For Feb Tour. Melb Sold Out, Limited Tix avail for Bris & Perth



Supports Announced For February Tour
Melbourne Show Sold Out, Limited Tickets Remain for Brisbane and Perth


They will be performing a full set of MURDERDOLLS songs, taken from the band’s celebrated 2002 debut album, ‘Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls’ and their triumphant 2010 return, ‘Women And Children Last’, which won them the Revolver Golden Gods Comeback Of The Year Award. 

To open the proceedings for each evening of darkness, a carefully curated selection of Australia’s finest ghoulish rockers has been chosen.


They are:

 Terror Parade, are a raw fusion of rock, metal, and punk with a goth twist. Experience the thunderous impact of arena-sized hooks, the ferocity of metal sonics, and the rebellious attitude of punk. Every performance is a theatrical journey, a vibrant fusion of musical rebellion and visual allure. Front and centre is Zichxyna, whose commanding vocals add a potent layer to this immersive spectacle, ensuring an unforgettable ride through a landscape where sound and sight collide in a thrilling display of artistic expression.


Terror Parade – Playing Brisbane


Department Of Gloom have a musical pedigree and backstory that would take hours to dissect. The sum of their collective parts reads like a short history of Australian rock! Their members coming from bands such as The Candy HarlotsGenitorturers and JERK.
The sounds, riffs and attitudes of the 70ʼs and 80ʼs collide in a wonderful, head-on smash with the 21st Century. A poison pill coated in candy, where analogue meets digital.


Department Of Gloom – Playing Sydney


Death Of Art mix elements of classical music and heavy rock into their industrial tinged dark electronic female-fronted sound to perfection. They are at home perfectly on a playlist full of Rob Zombie, Manson and NIN songs just as much as they would be on The Matrix soundtrack. Speaking of soundtracks, a remix of their song Anti-Valentine was used in every episode in the second season of Foxtel’s Body Piercing and Tattoo show, Punktured.


Death Of Art – Playing Melbourne


Falter is a one man nu-metal monster from Ngarrindjeri native, Thomas Readett. Commanding your attention with a wall of guitars and emotive vocals that are both vulnerable and cathartic, Falter live is a captivating experience as evidenced by his recent appearance at Nu Metal Mayhem featuring Mushroomhead and original Slipknot vocalist, Anders Colsefni.


Falter – Playing Adelaide


The Murderbirds’ melting pot of sonics results in an infectious outcome. Their high octane live show is brimming with psychobilly, pop-punk, ska-punk, country and surf-guitar flavours, mixed with horror film samples to create something foot tappingly catchy but eerily sinister at the same time. 


The Murderbirds – Playing Perth


Wednesday 13 and his band of unholy cohorts are primed and ready to deliver a set full of face melting classics to all the teenage zombies like it’s 197666.

Melbourne’s show at Max Watts has SOLD OUT and limited tickets remain for Brisbane and Perth. So dust off your Gothic Sunday Best, dye your hair black, grab your blood stained valentine and come dressed to depress.



Friday, Feb 2: The Triffid, Brisbane ALMOST SOLD OUT
Sat, Feb 3: The Metro, Sydney
Sun, Feb 4: Max Watts, Melbourne SOLD OUT
Tues, Feb 6: Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide
Wed, Feb 7: Rosemount Hotel, Perth ALMOST SOLD OUT

Tickets on sale now HERE



Amid a 2002 musical landscape full of baggy pants, backwards caps and tracksuit pants rose a metallic glam punk band that defied the prevailing trends and brought back hard and fast rock ’n roll. Murderdolls dug up the corpse of rock, defiled it and injected pure unadulterated undead life back into it. And it was glorious! 

Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls’ and its successor, ‘Women and Children Last‘ were like nothing else. Fast and dirty, raw and macabre. Drawing lyrical inspiration from classic horror, each tracks is full of tongue-in-cheek horror done to perfection. Led by horror-punk icon, Wednesday 13 and the late great Joey Jordison, Murderdolls slithered their way to the top of the horrendous heights of rock amassing a colossal cult-following along the way. 

The sinister, sneering vocals, huge hooks, gang vocal choruses, pounding rhythms and some of the best riffs ever penned, the Murderdolls wrote songs for arenas and played them in theatres, making their adrenaline-fuelled odes to darkness that much more thrilling. 

For the first time in well over a decade, Murderdolls’ frontman and songwriter, Wednesday 13, will resurrect his songs from the twisted depths of their dual album discography and unleash an unforgettable set when they descend on Australia, breathing fire into the raucous anthems that have defined an entire subculture. 

“After 21 years since its release, and the recent sad and premature passing of Joey, it only feels right to go out and celebrate these songs. We made two amazing albums that I was very proud of, and unfortunately much of the world didn’t get a chance to hear the songs live. In 2018, we all got together at Joey’s house and discussed plans and possibilities for the future, but we both had other immediate plans, We will be performing tracks from both MURDERDOLLS albums on this upcoming tour and celebrating the legacy of the band.” – Wednesday 13




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