Welcome To All Music Magazine!

The last two years I have been a contributor to an online magazine based in London, England. MNPRmagazine.com where I learned the industry of concert photography and published 72 concert reviews. The owner of that magazine Mr. Richard Bolwell, a concert photographer himself, ran the business the right way and I have no regrets.

But things change, and I have decided to go out on my own and publish my own online magazine, AllMusicMagazine.com. We will be covering the United States music scene as well as our local scene.

The magazine is split into two magazines. The first side is the National side covering national/international touring acts with photographs and concert reviews. The second side, called the Local side is an interacting site for local musicians and local venues. The goal of the Local side is to allow every Central Florida band and venue to have their own page to advertise their band or venue and be able to display their contact information and their performance schedules. As a bonus, the bands and venues will have a message board where the musicians can post ads for equipment they might be selling or wanting to trade. The board will also have a section for “musicians wanted” ads to fill band spots and “bands needed” for venues to advertise and fill open dates in their entertainment schedules.

Local bands and local musicians are where the next national touring acts come from. I feel they are as important as the bands and musicians that have grown into national touring acts, and Central Florida is full of great musicians young and old. With the help of great photographers and writers, I have shared the photo pit with over the past two years, I feel that total coverage of the local and national scene can be accomplished.

If all the bands and venues get on board, AllMusicMagazine.com will be the “go to” place for anyone looking for great live entertainment, be it local or national bands. They can also stop and check out our published calendar to locate their favorite bands on any given night. Also, they can check out the professional coverage and pictures of past shows as well as breaking news in the music industry.

This is a huge project and I will be looking for contributors as I grow and I hope you enjoy my vison. Giving coverage to the Local and National scene and being a resource for All Music.


All Music Magazine

Mark Horan