Western Sydney Band, Avalanche Brought Great Rock N Roll to the Cherry Bar in Melbourne, Australia on 17th February 2024



Avalanche is a four-piece band from Western Sydney, cementing themselves as one of Australia’s torch beachers of no-frills hard rock music. They have been gaining momentum the past year, winning Australia’s largest original band competition “Passport to Airlie“, gaining management from Big Apache and joining the highly regarded Premier Artists booking agency.

With a bunch of new music under their belts, their “Hell’s Getting Hotter With You” tour was a chance for fans to see and hear them before they embark on their Japan tour later this year. 

At the iconic Cherry Bar in Melbourne, eager fans expectedly waited for the band to take the stage. From the get-go, they unleashed a new track “Blondie” with explosive energy. Their loud, no-nonsense, short, and hard-hitting sound left no room for ballads.  From the thunderous drums in Bottle of Sin, to the blistering riffs for new single “Hells Getting Hotter” Avalanche was here to make a lasting impression. The band’s performance was a relentless aural assault and their dynamic stage presence had the audience pumping their fists from start to finish.

Lead singer and bassist, Steven Campbell is a force of nature, commanding the crowd with his energetic stage presence and raw vocal power. His partner, lead guitarist Veronica ‘V’ Campbell ripped through some ferocious solos, numerous times stepping off the stage and walking through the crowd to play in people’s faces.  This intimate interaction created a sense of camaraderie and unity between Avalanche and their fans. The powerhouse rhythm section consisting of drummer Ryan Roma and rhythm guitarist Arthur Divis, laid a solid foundation. The hard work and determination of each member invested in the band was evident as they tightly transitioned from one hard-hitting track to another.

The audience was swept up in the raw energy that filled the venue, reminiscent of Australian rock legends like AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, and The Angels. Avalanche ripped into a cover of The Angel’s “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again” with the iconic crowd response “No Way, Get F***ed, F*** Off”.

As the set came to a close, Avalanche had left an impression on the Cherry Bar and the audience. Their raw energy, musicianship, and commitment to the spirit of Aussie hard rock makes Avalanche a band to watch. 2024 will be a big year for them. Catch Avalanche at their next show while you can!



Steven Campbell: Vocals and bass

Veronica ‘V’ Campbell: Lead guitar

Arthur Divis:  Rhythm guitar

Ryan Roma: Drums




1.) Blondie

2.) Bottle of Sin

3.) Going for Broke

4.) Hell’s Getting Hotter with You

5.) Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again

6.) Dad I Joined a Rock ‘n Roll Band

7.) Get Back to F*ckwit City

8.) Kick Your Heels Back

9.) Back Hand That Feeds

10.) Down For The Count

11.) Ride Or Die







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