Winter Jam Brings the Eclectic Lineup into Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky on February 4, 2024


Arguably one of the largest Christian music tours in the country made their way to Lexington, Kentucky into Rupp Arena. Winter Jam is known for its big production, most importantly its gospel message, and it has the most eclectic lineup one will see on the road. This tour has acts that span various genres within the Christian music spectrum. Fans started pouring into the over 23,000-seat arena on a Sunday afternoon ready for a night full of uplifting music. The excitement was palpable as people of all ages waited for the show to start. 

After the lights dimmed, the first artist to take the stage was Katy Nichole. She brought passion and authenticity to her set as a fairly new artist to the scene. She started with the high-energy number “Please,” which she sang with ferocity. Katy then went on to sing “Hold On” which was about her struggle with suicide, and she felt like God was telling her to hold on and not give up. She ended her around 15-minute set with the crowd favorite, “In Jesus Name.” This song has impacted so many and you could tell from the audience reaction and singing along, that it resonated with this Rupp crowd as well. 



Katy Nichole: Vocals
Elizabeth Chan Bedingfield: Drums
Ben Garrett: Keyboard
Nathan Bedingfield: Guitar



1.) Please
2.) My God Can
3.) Hold On
4.) God is in This Story
5.) In Jesus Name

Joseph O’Brien was the next to take the stage. He played a two-song acoustic set and talked with the audience while the stage crew was switching over the main stage. He is a new artist, but he brought charm and charisma to the stage. He sang “Saved” and “Take Your Time” which people enjoyed and connected with. They seemed like they wanted to hear more of his music. 


Joseph O’Brien: Vocals



1.) Saved
2.) Take Your Time

The founders of Winter Jam, Newsong, were next in the lineup. Perennial favorites, their sets never disappoint the audience, and this year was no different. The audience loved the upbeat tracks of “I Am A Christian” and “Can’t Stop Thinking About It.” Their songs are full of instrumentation from trumpets, to drums, and guitars. The vocals of Russ Lee never fail to impress and Eddie Carswell and Billy Goodwin only add to their signature sound. Russ Lee continued with a heartfelt tribute to his grandson who just finished his round of chemotherapy from brain cancer, called “Stronger.” Then they finished their set with the one that the whole crowd had been waiting for, “Arise My Love.” The moment this song started playing, the crowd rushed to their feet and sang with fervor. 



Russ Lee: Vocals/Guitar
Billy Goodwin: Vocals/Trumpet
Eddie Carswell: Vocals
Rico Thomas: Guitar
Mark Clay: Bass
Jack Pumphrey: Drums


1.) I Am A Christian
2.) Can’t Stop Thinking About It
3.) Stronger
4.) Arise My Love 


The next act to take the stage by storm is hard-hitting rock artist Seventh Day Slumber. They brought a ferocity to the stage and an energy only known to rock. They started with a song they just released off their upcoming album Feasting on Vultures called, “Surviving the Wasteland.” They packed punch after punch jumping from that one to “A Bullet Meant for Me.” They slowed it down a bit to a song that people knew from several years ago titled, “Caroline,” and the crowd was responsive. Seventh Day Slumber then went with another new track called, “Halos,” and then ended with a well-known worship song called, “From the Inside Out.” The fans recognized and sang along loudly with this one and even the ones they didn’t know, the crowd was energized and rocked out the entire set. 



Joseph Rojas– Lead Vocals
Ken Reed– Bass
Weston Evans– Guitar
Blaise Rojas– Drums


1.) Surviving the wasteland
2.) A bullet meant for me
3.) Caroline
4.) Halos
5.) From the inside out


Hulvey was next on the lineup and contrasting greatly from the rock stylings of Seventh Day Slumber; Hulvey brought an energetic rap setlist. He flowed from song to song with fast lines and powerful conviction in his voice. The crowd was enthralled through his entire set, with a softer song to start, “Here in Your Holiness,” and then he ramped it up quickly with “Walk” and “Love Like That.” He ended on an introspective and softer note with “Lead Me to Your Altar/Glory to the Father” mashup.

Hulvey– Lead Vocals


1.) Here in your holiness
2.) Walk
3.) Love like that
4.) No longer bound
5.) Lead me to your altar/glory to the Father


Outside of the main act for the evening, the next artist to take the stage was one of the most anticipated of the night. CAIN took to the Winter Jam stage in the only way they could, with style and flair. This energetic Christian group with a southern rock/pop flare never disappoints audiences with their melodies, style, and enthusiasm. Their stage set up was full of giant light-up flowers and their name was emblazoned in giant letters on the back of the stage. Sporting colorful outfits and high energy, the crowd knew they were in for a great time. 

Their first song was “Rise Up (Lazarus)” which includes soaring harmonies and powerful lyrics. Not slowing down they propel into the second song, “Wings,” which was an upbeat number that included, light-up wing additions to the girl’s costumes and confetti streamers bursting out into the audience at the end. They slowed things down with their well-known song, “The Commission” and “Made for Heaven.” They ended their set with a crowd favorite and high-energy favorite, “I Am Blessed,” with confetti raining down as they took their final bow. 



Logan Cain– Vocals/Guitar
Taylor Cain Matz– Vocals/Guitar
Madison Cain Johnson– Vocals/Bass
Ben Garrett: Guitar/Keys
Aaron Raney- Drums
Zach Howell– Guitar
Jacob Trunzo– Keys



1.Rise Up (Lazarus)
2. Wings
3. Any More
4. The Commission
5. Made for Heaven
6. Yes He Can
7. I am blessed


After an intermission, the lights dimmed, and the final act of the evening took the stage, Crowder. Crowder always brings his own brand of southern bluesy rock to the stage that has the crowd engaged the entire time. He starts his set out with the swampy rock sound of “Milk and Honey.” He continued on to the high-energy “Run Devil Run.” The crowd was dancing and singing along to the praise and worship cover, “Glorious Day.” 

Crowder slowed down with the poignant piano song, “Red Letter” and “Come as You Are.” He kept the crowd engaged moving on to the high energy, “Lift Your Head Weary Sinner” and then finally with the “Good God Almighty,” arguably the song people were most excited to hear. It had an almost sold-out arena, singing loudly, and leaving the night smiling. 



David Crowder– Vocals/Guitar
JR Collins– Bass
Jerome Flood– Drums
Justin Flanigan- Percussion
Tradc- Background Vocals
Michael Westbrook- multi-instrumentalist



1.) Milk and Honey
2.) Run Devil Run
3.) Grave Robber
4.) Glorious Day
5.) Higher Power 
6.) Red Letter
7.) Come as You Are
8.) God Really Loves Us
9.) Lift Your Head Weary Sinner
10.) All My Hope
11.) Good God Almighty






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