WJRR’s Native Noise Hosts “Orlando Rocks The Beach” at Wynfield’s Sports Bar in Satellite Beach, Florida 4-16-2022



Saturday night, April 16, 2022, 101.1 WJRR in Orlando, Florida hosted Native Noise at Wynfields Sports Bar in Satellite Beach. Four central Florida original bands were invited to perform at “Orlando Rocks The Beach”. The bands in attendance were M99 Band from Ocala, Leaving Haven, Soulswitch, and Traverser from Orlando. All of the bands played approximate 45 minute sets. All Music Magazine Central Florida has been promoting WJRR’s Native Noise and WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 28 for the past three months. It has been a beneficial relationship as DJ “Supa Dave” has mentioned the magazine every Sunday night during his Native Noise Show that showcases local bands between 11:00pm and midnight. All Music Magazine was happy to come out and cover this event.  We have also been happy to promote WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 28 with free ticket giveaway drawings every Friday until the festival on April 23, 2022.

What a great night of entertainment!  The show was kicked off by Ocala’s M99 Band. This five piece band got the party started and set the tone for the entire evening. Booked as an alternative NuMetal band and fronted by lead singer Ash Canzie, M99 Band is a central Florida fan favorite. Who doesn’t like a high-energy, rocking band with female vocalist that feels the music with every sway of her long blonde hair. They were extremely fun to watch, and I will be on the lookout for them in the future!


M99 Band:

Ash Canzie – Vocals

Cristofer Williams – Guitar

Randy Fye- Guitar

Shannon Scarberry– Bass

Larry Abrams – Drums





1.)  Don’t Tempt Me

2.)  Catch Me If You Can

3.)  Release me

4.)  Cry For Help

5.)  Heaven Knows

6.) Rise Again

7.) Queen

8.)  Fired


After the stage was cleared and then reset in the quickest fashion possible, Leaving Haven took their turn to entertain the crowd. Leaving Haven has been together for the past 12 years but have replaced the Melsenti brothers, Luke and Benjamin, from the original lineup. On guitar Supa Dave has been added to the mix as well as Sean Murtha on drums. The last time I saw Leaving Haven was on the large House of Blues Orlando stage where they had plenty of room to rumble. This show, the stage was smaller and the five piece band filled the stage which took away from the energy that I remember. None the less, this is a great band and they put on a great performance. Kent Lefebvre’s vocals sounded great and well rested. I am sure that the time off from Covid was a huge factor, and all the bands performing that night had made references that they were glad to be back on stage.

On Monday, I was informed that Leaving Haven had been added to WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 28  on Saturday April 23, 2022. Since I will be attending the festival, I will be sure to check them out on the “Acoustic Stage” from 4:45 pm – 5:00 pm.


Leaving Haven:

Kent Lefebvre – Vocals

Madison Macko – Bass

Supa Dave – Guitar

Mike Strippoli– Guitar

Sean Murtha – Drums





1.)  Miss Emma

2.)  Medicated

3.)  Four High

4.)  Never Miss Me

5.)  Always Something

6.)  My Hero (Foo Fighters Cover)

7.)  Close Your Eyes

8.)  Silver Lining

9.)  Underrated

10.)  Enemy


Another band added this past Monday from “Orlando Rocks The Beach” to the WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 28  on Saturday, is Soulswitch. I have covered and photographed the band on two other occasions and they have always been entertaining. On a big stage or a small stage, Soulswitch brings the energy every time. Jimmy and Matt bring the flying hair to the show, and Paul gets up close and personal with the audience.  Don and Colby keep the train steady on the tracks.

Soulswitch remained busy over the past two years releasing singles “Take Me Under” , “Everything I am” and “Until The End” while not performing due to Covid. Checkout All Music Magazine’s interview with Jimmy Kwong back in May of 2020 when “Take Me Under” was released HERE! This is a high energy NuMetal band you need to see. I am lucky to be covering Earthday Birthday 28 and they will be on the main stage from 1:00 PM to 1:20 PM, so I will be seeing them soon.



Jimmy Kwong – Lead Guitar

Matt Larson – Bass

Paul Mahoney – Vocals

Don Cadman – Drums

Colby Berger – Guitar





1.)  Transmission’s Lost

2.)  The One Thing

3.)  Saving Me

4.)  Everything I Am

5.)  I’ve Had Enough

6.)  Change

7.)  Hang On

8.)  My Tragedy

9.)  Until The End


10.) Demon Inside


Traverser was the last band to hit the stage at Wynfields on Saturday night. The night was longer than advertised as the set times had been stretched to accommodate the stage changes from band to band. Unfortunately, the audience had dwindled down by at lease a third, but there were still plenty of  rock and roll souls in the house. Formed in 2004, Treverser has release four studio albums. They are a well polished band and I enjoyed their music very much. They kind of remind me of Tool with their musical constitution. They were also happy to get back to performing live.  And, as they said, “Knock the rust off”. I highly recommend seeing Traverser. I believe in a larger venue, they would have more surprises than they let on to in a tight bar stage setting!



David Medairos – Vocals/Guitar

Jonathan Shaffer – Guitar

Rick Garitta – Bass

David “DC” Shaw – Drums





1.)  Target Practice

2.)  Collapse

3.)  EMD

4.)  Touring Machine

5.)  Nettlebirds

6.)  Varicose

7.)  Seeds

8.)  Departure

9.)  Star Faux


Supporting Live Local Music is key to the culture of a major city in our country. WJRR’s Native Noise is a wonderful contribution giving local bands coverage that actually write their own music. From the Sunday night one hour showcase of local bands’ music to the organized shows they sponsor about every quarter throughout the year, WJRR shows a great commitment. I guess it doesn’t hurt that Supa Dave, the sponsor, is also in a local band! All Music Magazine dedicates a Central Florida section of the magazine.  We give local bands and local venues their own FREE PAGE.  They can post the band’s bio, a picture of their band, and their up coming shows in “Central Florida Music Live“.  This in our magazine that has over 20,000 page views monthly! Local bands are where national and international touring bands are born. Get out and have some fun and see these bands that are the hardest working bands in the industry!




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