You Me At Six with Set It Off and Between You And Me at The Gov in Adelaide, Australia on 11th July 2023

   Words by Louise Miller/Photography Deb Kloeden



Truth Decay Australia Tour with special Guests, Between You and Me and Set it Off . On an Early arrival to see UK rock band, You Me at Six at one of Adelaide’s most popular live music venues, The Gov. I found a room full of excited concert goers eagerly anticipating the trio of bands, including their special guests Between You and Me from Melbourne Australia, and Set it off from Florida, US.

Between You at Me started the show and from the moment they stepped on the stage they brought energy to The Gov. The first song “Dakota” really got the party started. Many fans celebrated that they had seen them before with loud cheers. While playing many of their energetic pop-punk rock songs such as “Butterflies” and “Deadbeat” the band performed in unison by sharing vocals and jumping around in sync. This sense of teamwork was well received, with loads of applause and dancing.



Jake Wilson – Vocals

Jai Gibson – Guitar

Chris Bowerman – Guitar

Jamey Bowerman – Drums

James Karagiozis – Bass



Set List

1. Dakota
2. Nevermind
3. Butterflies
4. Overthinking
5. Go To Hell
6. Please to Meet You
7. Deadbeat


Just before Set It Off exploded onto the stage with their high energized unique pop rock style music, I found the band gathered side of stage amongst eager fans, for a short moment getting into the zone with a band ritual and quick chant. It was great to witness this pre-set practice and bond between the band members.

Set It Off began with amazing energy on stage, playing “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing”. The slick guitar riffs, and well- timed drumming was infectious. They moved on to “Killer in The Mirror”, “Projector” and “Loose Cannon” keeping the energy going. There was a great response from the audience as front-man Cody encouraged everyone to jump and sing along. He also launched himself into audience to crowd surf.



Cody Carson – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Guitar, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone 

Zach DeWall – Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals 

Maxx Danziger – Drums 



Set List:

1. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
2. Killer in the Mirror
3. Projector
4. Loose Cannon
5. Hypnotized
6. Win Win
7. NME
8. Why Worry
9. Punching Bag


You Me at Six finally emerged on stage in the near capacity venue with the lead single “Deep cuts,” from their latest album Truth Decay. The crowd were ecstatic. They also sang from this album, “Mixed Emotions” and “God bless the 90’s kids” and many more songs. It was evident You me at Six display a sense of ease on stage; Josh belting out strong vocals and the other band members providing tight backup. Their music and lyrics resonated with the crowd and had many singing word for word.

The band thanked their fan base in Australia especially Adelaide with a slow paced ballad “No one does it better” giving tribute to the many memories they have formed as a band in Australia over the past 18 years. The soft white lighting, crowd singing and phone torches lighting the room provided a magical moment between band and fans.

They finished off with some favourites from over the years like “Suckapunch”, “Reckless” and “Beautiful way”, which saw people leave the venue happy and singing. It was an explosive fun night and the special guests also contributed to the great vibe for You Me at
Six’s Truth Decay Australian Tour.

No one could say it better than the frontman Josh Franceschi  “Its 2023 and You Me at Six are alive and breathing”



Josh Franceschi – Lead Vocals 

Max Helyer – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Chris Miller – Lead Guitar

Matt Barnes – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dan Flint – Drums, Percussion



Set List:

1. Deepcuts
2. Fresh Start Fever
3. Straight to my Head
4. Heartless
5. Bite my Tongue
6. Whats it Like
7. No future? Yeah right
8. Give
9. Stay with me
10. Mixed emotions
11. God Blessed the 90’s Kids
12. Take on the world
13. Room to breathe
14. No one does it better
15. Suckapunch
16. Underdog
17. Reckless
18. Beautiful way






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