Young Fathers Hypnotic at Manchester Academy 28th October 2023 with Nadine Shah







As Billy Seagrave eagerly headed into The Academy Manchester for All Music Magazine UK, in anticipation of a memorable evening with possibly one of the hottest and best live acts around now.

Young Fathers are a Scottish trio that blend lo-fi indie soul, alternative hip hop, and indietronica into a unique and captivating sound. They have won the Mercury Prize for their debut album “Dead” in 2014, and the Scottish Album of the Year Award twice, for Tape Two in 2013 and Cocoa Sugar in 2018. Their latest album, “Heavy Heavy”, was released in February 2023 and showcases their experimental and eclectic style.

Nadine Shah is a British singer and songwriter who combines indie rock, jazz, post-punk, and folk-rock influences. She has released four albums, the most recent being “Kitchen Sink” in 2020, which explores themes of feminism, ageism, and identity. She is also an outspoken advocate for social justice and mental health awareness.

The two acts joined forces for a sold-out show at Manchester Academy, and delivered an unforgettable performance that left the audience breathless. Nadine Shah opened the night with a powerful set that showcased her rich and expressive voice, as well as her witty and charismatic stage presence. She played songs from her latest album, such as “Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love)”, “Trad”, and “Kitchen Sink”, as well as older favourites like “Fool” which is as good as the original and had the audience in complete awe, as well as “Stealing Cars”. She also engaged the crowd with humorous anecdotes and political commentary, making them laugh and think at the same time. This was my first-time seeing Nadine perform and quite simply she delivered on a grand scale.



Young Fathers took the stage next and immediately set the mood with their energetic and hypnotic music. Opening with “Shoot me down”, They played a mix of songs from their four albums, including “Wow”, “Rain or shine” and “In My View”, “Only God Knows”, and “Rice”. The trio displayed their impressive vocal range and harmonies, as well as their dynamic rap skills and instrumental versatility. They also interacted with the audience, encouraging them to sing along, this was a mesmerizing performance, audience participation is compulsory, it not often you have a stage full of musicians in complete harmony. The atmosphere was electric and exhilarating, as the band and the crowd fed off each other’s energy. As quick as the set started, we reached the last song of the set, “Toy”. This was an epic performance from both of tonight’s artists.

The concert was a perfect example of how music can transcend genres, cultures, and boundaries, and create a sense of unity and joy among people. Both Young Fathers and Nadine Shah proved that they are not only talented musicians, but also inspiring artists who have something important to say. This was possibly one of the best concerts of the year, and one that will be remembered for a long time. This is what live music is about, for me Young Fathers are the real deal.



Set List.

1/ Shoot Me Down

2/ Get Up

3/ Wow

4/ Rumbling

5/ Rain or Shine

6/ Old Rock n Roll

7/ Be your lady

8/ I Heard

9/ In My View

10/ Drum

11/ Rice

12/ Ululation

13/ Only God Knows

14/ Geronimo

15/ Shame

16/ I Saw

17/ Toy