Zach Waters Band rock out with their debut release “Up & Running”



On January 13, 2023, the Zach Waters Band released their debut album “Up & Running”. This trio hailing from Sacramento California rocks! I didn’t receive much information about this album other than a “Here, Listen to this”. Man, I am glad I did. This release does not disappoint in any way.

The first track, “Lookin To Play”, is a real party tune. It is easy to sing along and has an addictive melody. This song is instantly familiar and makes me want to get on my bike and hit the highway. In a good way.

A couple of standout tracks (if I had to pick a couple) are “lookin To Play”, “Drinkin Whiskey” and “Hole In The Road”. All three of these tracks speak to me in different ways but lead me to all the same place. And that place is, anywhere there is a good time to be had and probably with them playing in the background. They all sport loud drums, louder guitars and that true rock n roll vibe. 

While their latest single off the album “Right Back At It” is a little more laid back, this track shows their versatility without compromising their edge. This is one of those songs that will have the crowd singing along live while trying not to spill their beer.  




Every track on this album is a great meld of 70s and 80s rock. It’s not hard, just raw. It certaily isn’t raw in it’s production though. This album is solidly produced by Michael Rosen (Journey, Santana, Papa Roach, Eddie Money, etc) and from the sound on this album, he didn’t hold back. The Zach Waters Band would have fit perfectly in the 1980s Los AngelesSunset Strip” group of bands. Not necessarily in look but, definitely in sound. If you close your eyes and listen, you can totally hear them opening for Motley Crue, Ratt or Faster Pussycat and they would definitely be hanging out at the Cathouse.

This is one of those albums that if someone put it on at a house party or a bar, everyone is having a good time by the second song and rightfully so. If this is what the future of rock & roll sounds like, it has a very bright future. This will be a permanent addition to all my road trip playlists. 

I give it 9.5/10  instead of a full 10 only because I wish it was longer.



The Zach Waters Band are:

Zach Waters – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Steve Pires – Drums, Vocals

Grayson Roberts – Bass, Vocals





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