A Day To Remember Tore Up the Stage at RBC Echo Beach, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, July 30, 2022



A Day To Remember tore up the stage at the RBC Echo Beach in Toronto. It was a perfect outdoor show on a Saturday night with an impressive lineup of bands in the heavy rock music scene. A full house meant for an unforgettable show to end the month of July.

Bad Omens opened the show to a crowd that was already halfway packed to see this rock/metal band. Remarkably it is the third time in a few months they played in Toronto; they opened for Ice Nine Kills late last year and Underoath in March. Since I last watched Bad Omens at the show last year (check out the live review here), their sound and presence onstage have become better than ever. Featuring a circle pit that looked more like a torpedo in the sand, Bad Omens was the perfect opener to energize the crowd and prepare for the following three bands. 



Noah Sebastian – lead vocalist

Joakim Karlsson – vocals, guitarist

Nicholas Ruffilo – bassist, guitarist

Nick Folio – drummer






3. The Grey

4. Nowhere to Go

5. Like a Villain

6. Limits

7. Just Pretend

8. Dethrone



Beartooth returned to Toronto for the first time since early 2020, and the crowd was more than excited to see this longtime heavy rock band based in Columbus. Lead vocalist Caleb Shomo showcased his mighty screams and vocals throughout the whole set as if it was the last time he ever performed onstage. Their set had everything: singalongs, crowd surfing, and endless head banging. Caleb was left speechless seeing the love in an already packed crowd. There is no doubt Beartooth is here to stay and will be returning to Toronto for many more years to come.



Caleb Shomo – Lead vocalist

Oshie Bichar – Bass, backing vocals

Connor Denis – Drummer, backing vocals

Zach Huston – Lead guitarist, backing vocals

Will Deely – Rhythm guitarist




1. The Lines

2. Devastation

3. In Between

4. You Never Know

5. Bad Listener

6. Riptide

7. Hated

8. Disease

9. The Past Is Dead

10. The Last Riff



Metalcore band The Ghost Inside made a triumphant return to Toronto. It is the first time they have performed in Toronto since Warped Tour 2014 before their horrific tour bus crash accident the following year. They returned onstage sounding as good as they were, if not better than before. Jonathan Vigil’s low screams were powerful from start to finish, while Jim Riley delivered effortless clean vocals. They performed a setlist full of old and new favourites, bringing the crowd excitement and appreciation. What I loved most was Jonathan smiling throughout the whole set as he embraced the moment of performing live shows again. They ended their set with “Aftermath,” a song about hope and second chances, which is a perfect ending to a band that fought through many challenges over the years. 



Jonathan Vigil – Lead vocalist

Zach Johnson – Lead guitarist, backing vocals

Andrew Tkaczyk – Drummer, percussion

Chris Davis – Rhythm guitarist

Jim Riley – Bass, backing vocals




1. Engine 45

2. The Great Unknown

3. The Outcast

4. Dear Youth (Day 52)

5. Pressure Point

6. One Choice

7. Mercy

8. Dark Horse

9. Avalanche 

10. Aftermath



The crowd sang to System Of A Down’s “Chop Suey!” before A Day To Remember approached on stage. A massive backdrop with their logo dropped as the band appeared onstage, which brought the crowd to an overjoyed excitement. Performing their opener, “The Downfall of Us All,” lead vocalist Jeremy McKinnon effortlessly ripped through his clean and growls through Neil and Kevin’s guitar work, while Alex tore through the drums. 

From start to finish, A Day To Remember continued to perform song after song that was filled with heavy bangers and melodic tunes, which brought something every fan old and new to enjoy. At one point, Jeremy showed his appreciation to Toronto, as he admitted that last night was the rowdiest crowd they have performed so far on tour. The crowd continued to perform hits including their latest single, “Miracle” released last week. The band also took a moment to thank the security guards, bartenders, merchandise crew, and food trucks (they gave a big shoutout to the food truck that served poutine). 

After performing “Resentment,” A Day To Remember walked off the stage briefly before coming back for the encore. The audience filled the scene with phone lights before Jeremy and Kevin played “If It Means a Lot to You.” They both played acoustic before Neil and Alex came back to play the rest of the song. With a career spanning almost two decades, the band decided to play three more songs to end the night: “Monument,” “Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail,” and “The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle.” In the end, it was an unforgettable night filled with amazing heavy rock music with an unbelievable lineup of bands. 



Jeremy McKinnon – Lead vocalist

Neil Westfall – Rhythm guitarist, backing vocals

Alex Shelnutt – Drummer

Kevin Skaff – Lead guitarist, backing vocals




1. The Downfall of Us All

2. All I Want

3. Paranoia

4. A Shot in the Dark

5. Degenerates 

6. 2nd Sucks

7. Right Back at It Again

8. Rescue Me

9. Have Faith in Me

10. Last Chance to Dance (Bad Friend)

11. I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

12. Mindreader

13. Miracle

14. All Signs Point to Lauderdale

15. Mr. Highway’s Thinking About the End

16. Resentment


17. If It Means a Lot to You

18. Monument

19. Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail

20. The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle





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