Album Review – Lucero “When You Found Me”




When You Found Me Out Via Thirty Tigers On Jan 29th.

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Lucero are a 5 piece based in Memphis, Tennessee, United States consisting of Ben Nichols – vocals, guitar. Roy Berry – drums. John C. Stubblefield – bass. Rick Steff – piano, organ, accordion. Brian Venable – guitar.

They have released over 11 albums and “When You Found Me” is their latest long player

Mainstream American music from the 80’s had a very distinctive and recognisable sound, giving the likes of Springsteen, Couger Mellencamp and Earle, an unapologetic platform for their stories. In that very spirit, Lucero have produced an album that sits in the same rocking chair on the same porch, but wearing new boots and a new hat. Raspy and unadulterated story telling, pays homage to an era still beloved by millions but in the same breath takes it to a different place that is clean, fresh and original.



Yes, it is still the radio friendly, foot tapping American version of love, despair and angst that populated the airwaves throughout that time, but it feels grown up, lucid and polished in this new guise. Personal stories help distinguish it’s mettle and far from being a copy of those now legendary names, it challenges the listener to be more discerning and more involved.



Belief is more at hand when emotion writes a song and when they are written with the colour of truth in the ink the whole experience becomes a foray into the thoughts of its author, its creator. There is nothing subtle about this record, it says it how it is, but that’s where the honesty lies, not disguised, not hidden, just rocking in its chair, waiting for the sun to go down, cracking open another beer.







1. Have You Lost Your Way?
2. Outrun The Moon
3. Coffin Nails
4. Pull Me Close, Don’t Let Go
5. Good As Gone
6. All My Life
7. Good As Gone
8. Back in Ohio
9. A City on Fire
10: When You Found Me