Album Review : Millie Manders And The Shutup – 'Telling Truths, Breaking Ties'



Who is Millie Manders and The Shutup?

Well, this record tells me they are a mix of Punk Rock (reminding me of the Runaways), mixed with overtones of SKA, and Rock. And, this girl can sing.

“Telling Truths, Breaking Ties” feels urgent and uncompromising; songs about breaking up, getting together, falling apart, with a good dose of angry social commentary.

The first 4 tracks of the record start off at breakneck speed with driving guitar riffs, brilliant brass, “Your Story”,  “Broken Record”, “Here We Go Again”, “Silent Screams”, fire at you like bullets from a gun, then “Bitter” throws a curve ball. It gets heavy, not Metallica heavy, but heavy in the way Rage Against The Machine get heavy. Very nice indeed. I really liked this track a lot.



“Poor Man’s Show” really takes on their SKA influence with its reggae style guitar and back beat. Millie delivers her vocals and social commentary in semi spoken word and with a beautifully sweet vocal chorus, juxtaposing the message she is trying to get across in the lyrics.

“Panic Master” picks it all up again and Millie is coming at yer once more. Then it’s “Glittermix”, my least favourite track on the album. It seems to be missing all things I was loving on the previous tracks. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad track, it’s just not as exciting as what has come before.

“Not Okay” brings it back on track for me, starting off with the ska-influenced brass and kicking into punchy pop punky-ness, almost reminiscent of an early “No Doubt” record or even Blink 182, when they were good.



Ironically the album finishes with “Burnout” – something I can’t see this band doing for a long time.

After listening to this album a few times whilst reviewing it, I think what stands out for me the most, other than the very, very good song-writing and Millie’s big, big voice, is that I can make all the comparisons I want, but Millie Manders and The Shutup have created their own thing here. Their witches brew of all their influences have produced a sound and band that is uniquely theirs, which makes me think that we have not heard the last of Millie Manders or The Shutup, not by a long shot, This is a very very good debut record and I enjoyed it very much, so I’ll give it a good





“Telling Truths, Breaking Ties”

Your Story

Broken Record

Here We Go Again

Silent Screams


Poor Man’s Show


Glitter Mix

Not Okay