Alice Cooper Brings His Nightmare Castle to The Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida 2-8-2022



The Nightmare Castle returns to Hard Rock Live in Orlando on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. Alice Cooper, the original “Godfather of Shock Rock” and his extremely talented band showed that rock and roll can be visually stimulating as well. The theater packed extra seats in anticipation of a sold out show. Almost most seats were occupied by showtime as the crowd settled into the dry indoor confines on a raining night to enjoy the spectacle that was about about to happen in front of them. For over 50 years, Alice Cooper has been entertaining fans all over the world.

Out on his Detroit Stories Tour, and marking his 38 tour that spans back to 1968, the master brings all the classic Cooper songs to the Nightmare Castle. The set included fan favorites “Feed My Frankenstein,” “Billion Dollar Babies,” “Under My Wheels,” ” and the teenage anthem, “I’m Eighteen.” The crowd roared all night as guitarists  Tommy Henriksen, Ryan Roxie, and the lovely Nita Strauss showed off their guitar chops by taking turns soloing on each song. As outstanding as the musicians that make up great band are, Alice Cooper is the maestro of this production. With every song, his presence and vocals are spell binding and it’s the same voice I heard all during this show that I remembered from my youth. Music is truly transcending as many songs took me back to memories 45 years old and older. It was obvious the 24 song set was familiar to all in the audience as they sang along with every song. From flailing his sword across the stage, to twirling his cane, Alice Cooper is pure entertainment and he just belongs in front of a crowd. He often just leaned on the guitarist as they played with a look of awe on his face at their playing brilliance in a rather fatherly adoring way. Is he scary? Maybe to a child. But, the theatrics and makeup are not new and it’s the show everyone paid to see at least once in their lifetime. But, I am sure many in the audience had seen the performance before. It was my second time by the way.

It the words of Garth and Wayne, “We Are Not Worthy” is totally appropriate if you attend an Alice Cooper show on this tour or any one that follows. Ever since I listened to Billion Dollar Babies in the summer of 1974 in my best friends bedroom on his quadraphonic 8-track player, I have been a fan of Alice Cooper. A winner of countless music awards, numerous TV roles, stage musicals, and a documentary film, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Alice Cooper is still going strong at 74 years old. I know one thing, I’m not worthy and “Schools Out!” And appropriately, that was the encore song of the evening.



Alice Cooper – Vocals/Harmonica

Chuck Garric – Bass/Vocals

Ryan Roxie – Guitar/Vocals

Nita Strauss – Guitar/Vocals

Tommy Henriksen – Guitar/Vocals

Glen Sobel – Drums






  Nightmare Castle 
1.)  Feed My Frankenstein 
2.)  No More Mr. Nice Guy
3.)  Bed of Nails
4.)  Hey Stoopid
5.)  Fallen in Love 
6.)  Go Man Go 
7.)  Under My Wheels 
8.)  He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)
9.)  Be My Lover
10.)  Is It My Body  (Tour debut)
11.)  I’m Eighteen
12.)  Poison 
13.)  Billion Dollar Babies 
14.)  Guitar Solo (Nita Strauss) 
15.)  Roses on White Lace 
16.)  My Stars 
17.)  Devil’s Food 
18.)  Black Widow Jam
19.)  Steven 
20.)  Dead Babies 
21.)  I Love the Dead
22.)  Escape
23.)  Teenage Frankenstein 
24.)  School’s Out




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