Bad Religion Rock The North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, California, on April 12, 2024



It was a beautiful spring night in Southern California for the first concert of the 2024 season at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre. And what a way to kick off the year, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, and an opening act with an identity crisis. It was good to be back at the Amphitheatre and I was looking forward to the show. The crowd was growing by the time I made it to the press entrance for the opening act, a band featuring Julian James Ness, the son of Mike Ness sounded like a perfect way to start the show.

First up was a band fronted by Julian James Ness, and they were really good. The biggest issue is that I have no idea who they are. Originally listed as the Lovebombs, it turns out that there is already a band called the Lovebombs and this was not that band. While researching Julian James Ness, it now looks like the band might be called Lovecrimes, but they have no website and the only social media presence they have is an Instagram, account. It also looks as if there is another band called The Love Crimes on Facebook, so I am not sure how this will all play out in the future. They were really fun to listen to and watch. 


Lovecrimes is:

Julian James Ness – Guitar, Vocals

Trevor Lucca –  Guitar



Bad Religion took the stage to thunderous applause and kicked off their 21-song setlist with a great version of the 1994 hit, “Infected”. Their set had something for all their fans with songs from twelve of their (22) albums showing why they are modern-day punk royalty. It’s been 13 years since I last photographed Bad Religion and their shows are as memorable today as they were back then. For a band that formed in 1980 and is still going strong, is a testament to good songwriting,  being able to tap into their punk mindset, and a very dedicated fan base. We all might be a little older, but the energy and sheer enjoyment radiating from the stage hasn’t diminished at all. 

The three songs in the pit seemed to fly by, then it was time to check the gear and enjoy the rest of the show. 


Bad Religion are:

Greg Graffin – Lead Vocals

Jay Bentley – Bass

Brian Baker – Guitar

Mike Dimkich – Guitar

Jamie Miller – Drums



Bad Religion  Setlist:


2. No Control

3. New Dark Ages

4.Fuck You

5. Epiphany

6. Do What You Want

7. My Sanity

8. Struck a Nerve

9. Anesthesia

10. Man With a Mission

11. Candidate

12. I Want To Conquer the World

13. Only Rain

14. Before You Die

15. You

16. American Jesus

17. Generator

18. 21st Century (Digital Boy)

19. Sorrow

20. We’re Only Gonna Die

21. Fuck Armageddon… This is Hell




Social Distortion also appeared on the bill, but due to a last-minute restrictive photo release requirement, their set was not covered.




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