Bingley Festival – Saturday: Mud, Music, Magic: Bingley Festival – 5th August 2023





Embarking on a northern adventure, our gear in tow, we dared the uncertain skies to cooperate and spare us the poncho parade.

A Bingley Festival newbie, I was captivated by the event’s genuine charm. A touch rough around the edges, not as polished as the giants, yet easily the most welcoming festival I’ve encountered.

Mud squelching beneath our feet from the previous night, we followed the rhythmic thumps of a distant bass drum, joining the march of eager festival-goers.

First up, the band Trampolene on the Discovery Stage. Their surprisingly early 2 PM set time didn’t deter us. We prepared our equipment and grabbed a swift beer before immersing ourselves in their magnetic performance. Trampoline’s melodic tunes with a raw edge, accentuated by a captivating bass guitar backdrop, left us thoroughly impressed.



Next, we eagerly anticipated veteran indie rockers, Sleeper. Their tunes like ‘Sale of the Century’ and ‘Inbetweener’ transported us to our younger fesitval days. And Lead singer Louise Wener exuded the same cool allure as she did during the band’s heyday.



Our journey through the mud led us back to the Discovery Stage, where Dea Matrona took the spotlight. Unexpectedly blown away, they became the highlight of the festival for me. Sisters Mollie and Marie McGinn fronted the band, delivering an enticing set that blended catchy tunes with rock and roll vibes, tinged with undertones of country rock. I’m eagerly awaiting their next gigs when they are back over from Belfast.



Remaining at the Discovery Stage, Johnny Borrell’s garage rock project ‘Jealous Nostril’ intrigued us. His familiar vocals paired with raucous riffs created a refreshing sonic experience that resonated with my preferences. While the crowd might not have been overwhelmed, it seemed like a personal release for Johnny.



Next, The Cribs took the main stage, unleashing a memorable set filled with favorites. The crowd ignited, belting out beloved tunes, with ‘A Man’s Needs’ stealing the show. Their performance set the tone for the upcoming acts on the main stage.



Venturing off the beaten path, we braved the mud and rain to experience Queen Cult on the smaller, muddier New Music Stage. The Macclesfield rockers brought an electrifying presence, their witty banter and sensational tunes promising bigger stages in their future.



The awaited moment arrived: Johnny Borrell, this time in his Razorlight guise,. The set was a sing-along delight, banging our fan favourites one after another with Johnny and the band, cool as ever thoroughly relishing the moment.



After an exhilarating day, our excitement remained high for King No-One on the Discovery Stage. Their impressive performance featured remarkable audience engagement and stage presence, including the bassist’s captivating punk inspired rock moves. Alcatraz was a memorable highlight from a well polished impressive set that left a lasting impression.

(King No-One images by Matty Bez)



A day brimming with action and variety drew to a close. Old and new acts coalesced in the vibrant atmosphere of Bingley Festival, where music reigned supreme. A welcoming and warm environment kept spirits high even amid the rain. Anticipation for the next visit is already building. See you next year Bingley.