Black Veil Brides release The Mourning October 21, 2022


On October 21, 2022 Black Veil Brides will release a 4 song EP called The Mourning to follow up their album The Phantom Tomorrow. This EP, like the last album, is produced by Erik Ron for Sumerian records

The first song, “Devil”, starts out like a punch in the face. There is no warm up. There is no warning. Just, BAM! It hits so hard and that is not a bad thing. It just lets you know, we are here. Hard hitting guitars with breaks in all the right places, this track shreds. This song live is going to be so insane!

The next track, “Saviour 2”, slows things down quite a bit. This is more of the BVBs that I know. This song hits the groove early with an acoustic intro then builds into the classic BVB sound only to slow it back down to acoustic once again. This happens a couple of times throughout the song eventually working in a violin layer with the acoustic guitar.



“The Revival” is up next. This track features very strong vocals taking the forefront. It still has the driving music but it feels a little pulled back to really let the vocals shine. This is a definite sing along song with lyrics in the chorus like “feel the rage, feel your mind, giving in to your shallow side and we all need strength to stay alive.” This speaks volumes to their loyal fans. 

The last track is “Better Angels”. This one is a little faster, a little heavier but not over the top. This track is very much a BVB song. Starting out with a quieter intro, it breaks into heavier guitar riffs and a driving drum track that carries the song, with the exception of a few lulls throughout, through this powerhouse of a song.

The Mourning is a great follow up to The Phantom Tomorrow. I really like the variety of the tracks and it shows off the versatility of the band and their sound. If you are an existing fan, loved the last release or just want to hear what Black Veil Brides are all about, this is your EP. It’s solid all the way through and for that,


I give it an 8.5/10 stars


Track list

1). Devil

2). Saviour 2

3). The Revival

4). Better Angels



Black Veil Brides are:

Andy Biersack -Vocals

Jinxx – Guitars / Violin

Jake Pitts – Guitars

Christian “CC” Coma – Drums

Lonny Eagleton – Bass





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