British Lion “Roar Power” At the Leadmill Sheffield UK, 7th January 2023 





British Lion is a band formed by Steve Harris founder member of Iron Maiden.  The idea behind Britsh Lion apparently is to be able to play smaller venues such as pubs, and clubs, and allow Harris more creative licence and musical experimentation  The band’s songs are shorter but still, hard rock-based not dissimilar sounding to the 1970s -1980s New Wave British Heavy metal Scene of with bands such as Iron Maiden, Diamond Head and Venom were part of.

The band have released two studio albums, “British Lion (2012)” and “The Burning” released in (2020). 

The band are made up of Steve Harris on bass, Richard Taylor, on vocals with David Hawkins and Grahame Leslie on guitars, and Simon Dawson on drums.

Getting a chance to see such hard rock royalty close up, was something special so I arrived at the Leadmill in Sheffield nice and early and there was already a long queue stretching down the road, rockers with their battle jackets, punks with Mohicans, young and old metal fans, all gathered together for what everyone was hoping was going to be a special night.

Entering the venue, I noticed it was darker than usual, but it was buzzing. I was informed by security, that there would be no photo pit this evening.  So I  skulked off to find a spot amongst the crowd not my favourite thing for shooting, but I was determined to do my best. 

The support bands started  around 7.30 pm, and already the venue was packed and very  hot and sweaty,

First up were Airforce, followed by special guests Voodoo Six, both bands were on the ball, and got the fans warmed up for the main act of the night. Due to the fact, I couldn’t find a spot to get any shots, I apologise for the lack of photos,




British Lion came on stage around 9.30 pm, to a mass of cheering, and whooping, from the metal heads, with hands raised in the Horn and heads banging it was a great sea of chaotic activity.

The band played a scorching 17-track set from both the aforementioned albums opening with “This is my God” from their first album, what a great powerhouse of a song with Hawkins and Leslie supplying some killer guitar riffs, and Harris slapping his bass guitar into oblivion. Taylor’s vocals filled the room and sounded great,  which I was pretty pleased about I had been a bit worried about his abilities as a vocalist after listening to the albums, I felt that he sometimes seemed a little weak, however, his live performance was great and full strength, I also like his showmanship, he makes a great front man.

 “The Burning” the title track from the album of the same name,  went down great with fans with its Maiden-sounding guitar riff, and nice drum work from Dawson made this one a fan favourite and one of mine too.

Another great song and highlight from the show were the band performing the wonderfully uplifting song “legend”, the song has a different vibe from other songs on the album and showcases Taylors singing ability at its best.  There is also a nice melodic synth hidden in there too that adds depth to the overall sound and sounds great live too.

Visually the band put on a great stage show, with lots of movement and interaction with the fans, however, my only criticism would be the stage looked a little chaotic with backdrops that got in the way of the drummer, and the before-mentioned lack of a press pit made it difficult work. But in those Great words of Clint Eastwood, “you adapt, you improvise, you overcome”.

British Lion fans enjoyed the show, and so did I, and I would recommend catching the band on their current tour you will not be disappointed.




1/ This is my good

2/ City of fallen angles

3/ Judas

4/ Farther lucifer

5/ The burning

6/ Legend

7/ These are the hands

8/ Spitfire

9/ The chosen ones

10/ Bible black

11/ Land of perfect people

12/ Us against the world

13/ Wasteland

14/ Lightening

15/ A world without heaven

16/ Last chance

17/ Eyes of the young