CHAPPAQUA WRESTLING Sign To EMI and Share New Single 'Full Round Table'




Chappaqua Wrestling are today sharing their first new single of 2022, and first with new label EMI, ‘Full Round Table’.

Full Round Table’s power comes from the band’s ability to play so effectively with the balance of tension and release. Announcing itself with a sparse and ominous two-note bassline, patience is rewarded as it lurches towards its explosive, stadium-sized conclusion. What follows is a song that catalogues the mounting UK crises in which the ones that suffer most are the young. Whether that be spiralling student debt, being priced out of the housing market, or the cost of fuel to travel to a job that pays the same as it did 15 years ago, Chappaqua Wrestling pull the worst of the cost-of-living crisis into a triumphant call to ignore mindless cynicism. It asks us to reach out for the positive things in our lives. In a world where it is easy to be crushed under the weight of bad news, ‘Full Round Table’ is an anthem for togetherness and clarity of thought.

Through lyrics that acknowledge that we can sometimes be our own worst enemies on social media (“The morning scroll makes your whole day blind”), they go on to stare optimism in the face (“The glass is full and the future’s bright” / “I don’t care they ignore what we can do”).

The band explains: ‘We wrote Full Round Table as a reaction to the endless negativity put in our faces about our generation’s future. So much news is greeted with the response of how screwed we are – hopeless views from unhelpful people. Negativity about youth is relative per generation but today it feels stronger. We want to ignore the cynicism, get together, appreciate what really matters, and not let people tell us what we can’t do. The Full Round Table is full of our friends, and that’s not changing.’



‘Full Round Table’ offers a seismic and satisfying introduction to a new era of Chappaqua Wrestling, as they gear up to release more new music through 2022.

Chappaqua Wrestling are:Charlie Woods – Vocals, guitarJake Mac – Vocals, guitarJohn-Paul Townsend – DrumsCoco Varda – Keys, percussion







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