Circle Jerks, The Adolescents and Negative Approach play The Ace of Spades in Sacramento Ca February 26, 2022



This past Saturday night, February 26, 2022, I cleared my calendar and headed back to The Ace of Spades in Sacramento California to see three bands I spent my teens listening to. Negative Approach and The Adolescents opened for The Circle Jerks on this punk rock dream ticket. The audience was a great cross section of age groups ranging from teens that are new to these bands, to us seasoned veterans that have been listening to them for decades. I really wish it didn’t take me 35 years to see these bands live. They didn’t disappoint, not that I thought they would.  

 First up was the Detroit based Negative Approach. hitting the stage with “Hypocrite”, the set was filled with NA classics. John Brannon and the rest of the crew played with the energy of people half their age. The sweat was everywhere and the crowd loved it! Towards the end of the set, they threw in a cover of Sham 69‘s “Borstal Breakout,” and Iggy and the Stooges “I got a Right”. From start to finish, NA was full energy.


Negative Approach are:

John Brannon – vocals

Harry Richardson – guitars

Ron Sakowski – bass

John Lehl – drums




Next up were the Orange County icons, The Adolescents. Even though there is only one original member, the entire band killed the classic Orange County songs in true Adolescents fashion. Kicking off the set was “No Way”. They continued to hit the audience with “Amoeba”, “Word Attack”, “OC Confidential” and finishing up with  “Kids of the Black Hole” . They even covered the Subhumans “FU”.  The only downside of this amazing set was that there wasn’t anything off “Balboa Fun Zone“, which I guess is understandable since it was the only album Tony Reflex wasn’t on.. Still, a dream set.


The Adolescents are:

Tony Reflex – lead vocals

Dan Root – lead guitar

Mike Cambra – drums

Ian Taylor – rhythm guitar

Brad Logan – bass





1.) No Way

2.) Monolith at the Mountlake Terrace

3.) Who Is Who

4.) Self Destruct

5.) Amoeba

6.) Word Attack

7.) Rip It Up

8.) Things Start Moving

9.) Lockdown America

10.) OC Confidential

11.) A Dish Best Served Cold

12.) Fukushima Lemon Twist

13.) Let It Go

14.) Escape From Planet Fuck

15.) Queen of Denial

16.) Just Because

17.) Fuck You (The Subhumans cover)  

18.) Kids of the Black Hole



 Finally, after a 15 year touring hiatus, The Circle Jerks took the stage with the classic, “Deny Everything”. The entire set was broken down into 5 or 6 song blocks. Keith Morris, who is now 66 years old, took these moments to instill upon us his words of wisdom. Throughout the set, the songs focused on the two anniversary albums. The album  “Group Sex” was released 42 years ago and couldn’t support a tour due to the pandemic and the now 40 year old “Wild in the Streets“. The almost 35 song set included such classics as “Beverly Hills”, “Coup D’état”, “Moral Majority”, the Keith Morris era Black Flag song. “Wasted”. before finishing up with the iconic “Question Authority”.


The Circle Jerks are:

Keith Morris – vocals

Greg Hetson – guitar

Zander Schloss – bass

Joey Castillo – drums





1.) Deny Everything

2.) Letterbomb

3.) In Your Eyes

4.) Stars and Stripes

5.) Back Against the Wall

6.) Behind the Door

7.) I Just Want Some Skank

8.) Beverly Hills

9.) When the Shit Hits the Fan

10.) Under the Gun

11.) Trapped

12.) Coup d’état

13.) Wild in the Streets (Garland Jeffreys cover)

14.) Moral Majority

15.) Don’t Care

16.) Live Fast Die Young

17.) Paid Vacation

18.) Junk Mail

19.) Parade of the Horribles

20.) Casualty Vampire

21.) I, I & I

22.) Leave Me Alone

23.) I Don’t

24.) The Crowd

25.) Beat Me Senseless

26.) World Up My Ass

27.) Operation

28.) Wasted

29.) High Price on Our Heads

30.) Red Tape


31.) I Wanna Destroy You (The Soft Boys cover)

32.) What’s Your Problem

33.) Question Authority





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