Filmed over a period of 20+ years by founding member if At The Drive In and The Mars Volta, Omar Rodríguez-López, and containing remarkable footage from 100’s of hours of Omar’s self-shot material – this is a totally unique window into the incredible journey of one of this generations most progressive and prolific musical partnerships – Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler Zavala. A documentary that shows how truth can be far more remarkable than fiction. This documentary will be presented to the participating public for the first time at the Raindance Film Festival on October 28, 2023.

Distinctively avant-garde, a singular style that has always defined Omar and Cedric’s work, If This Ever Gets Weird is presented almost exclusively as home-video footage, with Omar, Cedric and others narrating only in voiceover. An optical blend of analog and digital formats, we see the arc of time visualized in an array of Super 8mm film, VHS, and digital video footage. Director Nick Davies weaves the life-spanning archive into a captivating non-linear tapestry, his unique storytelling approach separates this film from typical music documentaries, and is remarkably personal and playful, even mischievous at times. Part video diary, part experimental film, part abstract stream-of-consciousness, this visual device is expertly crafted to feel homemade and is incredibly effective, transporting us into the minds of its creators.  
Through their point-of-view, we gain a profound understanding of who they are both as artists, and as human beings. The highest of highs, and the lowest of lows are shared with us in deeply sincere moments that can only be captured when solely friends are present. No subject off limits, and no moment too personal to bear witness, the audience is given an all-access pass into their professional and personal lives during the most pivotal points of their career, and everything in between. From early underground punk shows to sell out festivals, a garage studio to the Grammy stage, we follow each arc of the duos many musical projects, and the fortune and misfortune that came with them.  



In between extraordinary never-before-seen live performances and studio outtakes, this extremely candid film thrives in presenting the complexities of Omar and Cedric’s friendship in moments most would consider too personal to film. It beautifully characterizes the duo as they navigate the unique challenges of their lives: success, fame, drug addiction, death, politics, their disposition as minorities in America, and a colossal battle with The Church of Scientology. A documentary as profound as it is playful, this bold and unflinching film rips the curtain away to expose a deeply personal coming-of-age journey filled with triumph and tragedy. An unexplainable bond that held these two mad-genius souls together, and forged a life-long union with the pledge that “if this ever gets weird”, they would quit, as no amount of success is worth the loss of this special and symbiotic friendship. 


Founded in 2020, Clouds Hill Films is an integral part of the Clouds Hill Group, which has been a prominent player in the creative industry for over 15 years. The group encompasses an internationally renowned studio, music label, and publishing company, all sharing the same name. Over the years, they have been home to many different music productions from artists like PETER DOHERTY, LE BUTCHERETTES, THE BEACH BOYS, THE KILLERS, ELBOW, THE WHITEST BOY ALIVE, TEENAGE FANCLUB, ALBERT HAMMOND JR, THE LIBERTINES, NICOLAS JAAR, ALICE PHOEBE LOU, and THE MARS VOLTA. It’s within this dynamic environment that Johann Scheerer’s vision for Clouds Hill Films came to life.


Pulse Films is an award-winning studio that produces content irrespective of format or platform for audiences worldwide. Part of the Vice Media Group the production studio is dedicated to creating moments of culture and shaping the future of visual storytelling across its divisions of: Scripted, Non-Fiction, Commercials and Music Videos.  
As global destination for talent, Pulse Films has a roster of filmmakers featuring some of the most sought-after talent in the industry. With a reputation undertaking huge productions, their Advertising work with brands like Apple, Nike, PlayStation, Audi, John Lewis, and IKEA is continuously met with critical acclaim garnering awards such as the prestigious Best Commercial Emmy, the Cannes Lions Grand Prix and the Commercial of the year at the British Arrows.

Working with global streamers and linear broadcasters, Pulse Films’ most recent TV productions includes the record-breaking, critically acclaimed series and Emmy and BAFTA-nominated returning series Gangs of London for Sky and AMC; intimate and eye-opening Netflix documentary Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now, Sundance Film Festival 2022 music documentary hit Meet Me in the Bathroom, and the star studded HBO and Sky co-pro Harry Potter: 20thAnniversary Return to Hogwarts. The studios feature film credits include Pig starring Academy Award-winner Nicholas Cage, Mogul Mowgli starring Golden Globe nominated Riz Ahmed. 

Pulse Films also has a legacy of creating award-winning music films and videos for renowned global artists. The company is behind hits such as which includes Beyoncé’s iconic Emmy Award-nominated film Lemonade, Nick Cave’s 20,000 Days on Earth, The Spike Jonze Directed Beastie Boys Story for Apple TV+, and the seminal Shut Up and Play the Hits. Our music videos division has worked with musicians of all genres from Radiohead to ASAP Rocky, Jennifer Hudson, Jorja Smith, Mumford & Sons, Blur, The Fugees and The Rolling Stones to name a few.