Cradle of Filth and DevilDriver co-headlining: Double Trouble Tour Live II, at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon in Fort Myers, Florida On Friday 13, 2023


This past weekend, I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend a Friday the 13th than at a metal concert. This show, personally anticipated for months, featured Cradle of Filth with co-headliner DevilDriver on the Double Trouble Tour Live II, five metal bands in one night. Growing up listening to Cradle of Filth, DevilDriver & Ill Niño, and now having them perform locally was exciting for me. I arrived at The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon venue earlier in the day around 3:00pm, and there were already concert goers lining up outside. Luckily, I got to watch four out of the five bands do their soundcheck before the doors opened at 6:00pm.  

Being immersed in the metal scene and having the largest metal concert with such an amazing lineup here in Fort Myers, FL, was a thrilling experience. This area is my local stomping grounds, and I had the opportunity to meet the production company’s owner, a few local photographers, and even a few band members before the chaos of the concert began. Despite the gloomy rain on this October day (fitting for the date), our Florida weather didn’t bring the expected cold front, and it remained hot and humid. But that didn’t deter our dedicated metalhead music lovers from showing up.  

As the doors opened at 6:00pm, the first band of the night took the stage just minutes later, with concert goers rushing in.  

At 6:04pm, Savage Existence from Costa Rica stormed the stage with a powerful intro, setting the tone for the night with their hardcore metal music. The concert goers eagerly made their way closer to the stage. Without hesitation, the band launched into “A Thousand Pounds of Train Wreck,” starting with a slow, melodic tempo that seamlessly transitioned into a heavy sound that took over the song. It was a flawless beginning to a night filled with metal music.  

Vocalist Anton engaged with the crowd, pumping up the energy that was already noticeable in the venue. Interacting with the audience, he created an electric atmosphere. I had never heard of this band before that night, but they quickly won me over, as they did with everyone else in the venue. They gained a new fan in me.  


Savage Existence Band:   

Anton Darusso – Vocals   

Daniel Cleland – Guitar  

Daniel Ramos Castro – Bass  

Andres Castro – Guitar   

Jesse Radford – Drums   




1. Intro  

2. A Thousand Pounds of Train Wreck  

3. I Identify as Hard  

4. Steady Blows to the Head  

5. Standing in Flames  

6. Animals   

7. Independence Day   


Following a quick turnaround on stage, the second band of the night took over at 6:30pm. Black Satellite, hailing from my home state of New York, kicked things up another notch. Their goth/80’s punk rock style, complete with black face paint, perfectly matched their sound. Vocalist Larissa sported a short blue mohawk and a spiked leather jacket that complemented the music flawlessly. Holding a vintage-style microphone that suited her voice and look, Larissa mesmerized the crowd.  

The band started with their song “Broken” before delving into a few more fan favorites. They concluded their set with a captivating cover of “Sonne” by Rammstein. The stage was set in a striking blue tone, with two large LED TV panels mirroring the music with captivating imagery. It was a visual spectacle that added another layer of excitement to their performance.  


Black Satellite Band:

Larissa Vale – Vocals   

Kyle Hawkes – Guitar   

Rom Gov – Drums  

Mark – Guitar  




1. Broken  

2. Far Away  

3. Hurt  

4. Here it Ends  

5. Bleed for me  

6. Void  

7. Disengaged  

8. Endless  

9. Valkyrie  

10. Misconception  

11. Dead Eye  

12. Sonne (Cover Rammstein)   


With the night already in full swing, it was time for the highly anticipated performance of Ill Niño, hailing from Union City, New Jersey. As a personal favorite of mine, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The venue was packed, and as soon as the first chord rang out, a circle pit formed. The LED screens in the back illuminated the band’s name throughout their set, adding to the electrifying atmosphere.  

They kicked off with “If You Still Hate” and seamlessly transitioned into “This is War.” The energy in the venue was contagious, and everyone was rocking out. Each song carried a heavy intensity, with flawless transitions into the percussion sections that define Ill Niño’s signature sound. I couldn’t help but move along with the music, caught up in the sheer power of their performance. Marcos, the vocalist, engaged the crowd, calling for the circle pit to keep going, and the fans gladly obliged. It was a sight to behold.  

What truly stood out to me while watching Ill Niño perform was how much fun they were having on stage. Their joy was infectious, and the audience could feel it. It created an incredible connection between the band and the fans. As is customary in metal shows, the sense of camaraderie among metalheads was present in the pit, with everyone looking out for each other. The great time continued, and we all revealed in the magic of this epic metal show. 

Little did we know, this incredible show was only halfway through.  


Ill Niño Band:

Marcos Leal – Vocals  

Marc Rizzo– Guitar  

Lazaro Pina – Bassist Dave  

Dave Chavarri – Drummer  

Sal Dominguez – Rhythm Guitar  

Miggy Sanchez – Percussionist/Vocalist  

John Luna – Drums    




1. If you still hate  

2. This is War  

3. Mascara  

4. I am Loca  

5. Drum Jam   

6. God Save us  

7. How can I live  

8. Te Amo – I Hate  


As the anticipation reached its peak, it was time for the co-headliner band to take the stage and plunge us into a deeper realm of metal. At 8:46pm, DevilDriver stepped out, and the crowd erupted as they launched into “Keep Away from Me.” The venue was bathed in yellow, orange, and white strobe lights, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. Dez’s high-energy performance was truly unforgettable. He engaged with the crowd, going back and forth on stage, ensuring everyone was involved in the experience.  

The circle pit continued to grow, and the energy in the venue intensified with each song. People began singing and screaming louder, raising their devil horns high in the sky. The venue was packed, making it challenging to make your way closer to the stage. DevilDriver’s distinct blend of groove metal and melodic death metal echoed throughout their set. The seamless transitions within their songs captivated every sense.  

This show, in particular, was a co-headlining tour, and it was evident why. The incredible talent within DevilDriver and the other bands on the lineup was overwhelming in the best possible way. The concert showcased the immense power and artistry of these metal acts, leaving a lasting impression.  


DevilDriver Band:

Dez Fafara – Vocals  

Mike Spreitzer – Lead guitarist  

Jon Miller – Bassist  

Alex Lee – Rhythm Guitar  

Davier Perez – Drummer   




1.Keep away from me   

2. I could care less  

3. Grinfucked  

4. Through the Depths   

5. My Night Sky  

6. Head on the Heartache   

7. Sail  

8. Hangman  

9. Ruthless  

10. End of the Line  

11. Wretched  

12. Clouds over California   


As the night grew later, the long-awaited moment was finally approaching, it was time for Cradle of Filth to take the stage. At 10:10pm, the band began making their way up onto the stage, and the roar of the crowd was almost deafening. I could feel the excitement coursing through me, as I had been listening to Cradle of Filth since their album Midian was released back in 2000. Dani Filth emerged, cloaked in a black hood, his face covered. With a menacing dance, he revealed his face and launched into “Existential Terror,” igniting the crowd.  

All the members of the band donned their signature attire and iconic white and black face paint.  Each member interacted with the crowd, fists in the air, while the guitarist held his instrument upside down, eliciting cheers for more. Afterward, I took a moment to step back and observe the circle pit, witnessing everyone having the time of their lives, going wild as the heavy metal music from Cradle of Filth filled the concert hall.  

The only member who proved challenging to see was drummer Martin, as he played behind an enclosed plexiglass cage with his massive drum kit. I caught a glimpse of Martin only after they finished playing for the night, as they waved to the crowd and took a band photo. The setlist encompassed a range of songs, from old-time favorites to recently released tracks from their 2023 album Trouble and Their Double Lives, such as “She is Fire” and a classic from 1994, “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh.” The selection of songs pleased both old-school fans and created new ones after witnessing the band’s incredible performance.  

The theatrical imagery and melodic music of Cradle of Filth can only be described as a beautiful balance of death, goth, and black metal, masterfully woven together with their storytelling lyrics. It was an unforgettable night, filled with the dark enchantment that only Cradle of Filth could deliver.  


Cradle of Filth Band:

Dani Filth – Vocal   

Donny Burbage – Guitar  

Marek Ashok Smerda – Guitar  

Daniel Firth – Bass  

Martin Skaroupka – Drums   

Zoe Marie Federoff – Live Female Vocals & Keyboard  




1.Existential Terror  

2. Gilded C***  

3. She is Fire  

4. The Principle of Evil Made Flesh   

5. Dusk and her Embrace   

6. Nyphetamine (Fix)  

7. The Twisted Nails of Filth  

8. Born in a Burial Gown  

9. Her Ghost in the Fog  

10. From the Cradle to Enslave   


In short, this has easily become one of my favorite concerts of the year. In Fort Myers, the rock/metal music scene is growing, and finally having a true metal concert in our area here in Southwest Florida was a personal highlight for me. It’s incredible to witness that the metal scene still holds such a special place in the hearts of many. The sound quality was exceptional for all the bands, and the open acoustics of the venue were perfect.  

Being already familiar with Cradle of Filth, DevilDriver, and Ill Niño, it was a thrill to discover and hear two new bands that I’ll be listening to from now on. As it was a local show for me, it was fantastic to see familiar faces in attendance, still rocking out with the same passion. Getting the chance to meet some of the band members from each group was a great experience. Everyone was excited to be in Florida, despite the relentless heat and humidity, which I couldn’t agree more with. The bands were all incredibly friendly and approachable. They went out of their way to take photos with fans and genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves just as much as the audience.  

After all, it was a night filled with great music, an electric atmosphere, and a sense of camaraderie among both the fans and the bands. This concert will undoubtedly be etched in my memory for a long time. 

A personal thank you to Filthy Nasty Productions, The Ranch Concert Hall & Saloon, Holliday Productions Inc. 

A huge thank you to all the talented bands that came to Fort Myers, Fl. Cradle of Filth, DevilDriver, Ill Niño, Black Satellite and Savage Existence.






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