Crashrocket Rocks The Beach at Earl’s Hideaway in Sebastian Inlet, Florida Feb.6,2021



Earl’s Hideaway Lounge in Sebastian Inlet hosted Crashrocket Saturday night February 6, 2021. The weather called for rain the entire evening but a hole in the passing front kept the rain away and the audience stayed dry in the outdoor air. Crashrocket has been on All Music Magazines list to go checkout for the last six months. We sent Mark Horan of MarkHoran.Pictures LLC to Sebastian Inlet. He was not disappointed in the show he saw.

The set list included covers from Journey, Led Zeppelin, Collective Soul, and The Foo Fighters. What was impressive was the skill and ability of Jenie Ashbaugh on drums. “Evenflow” by Pearl Jam is a song that really opened my eyes to Jenie’s abilities as it actually sounded like Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam was on stage. Jenie Ashbaugh is for real and got my attention. The entire set was entertaining, and the band was very engaged with the audience.

Lead singer Glenn Bailey continuously motivated the crowd by comparing them with the crowd they had the night before in Daytona Beach. Numerous times he questioned the crowd if they were going to be a better crowd than the previous night’s crowd. It was working as the audience seemed up for the challenge and became more voicetress singing along with Glenn as he coved “Shine” by Collective Soul. 

The majority of the set was covers of songs by other artists but Crashrocket slipped in one of their own originals, “Serpent,” as the set wore down. The final song of the first set was Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell” and Brian Magner showed his skills by performing Roger Water’s licks in the song without error. Paul Murphy rounded out the foursome on stage by keeping the beat alive and adding showmanship to keep the crowd and the band engaged.

Crashrocket is a fun party band and on this night in Sebastian Inlet at Earl’s Hideaway the crowd loved the show. The dance floor, um…sand…in front of the stage was full the entire night as the dancing never stopped. Band members with their wireless equipment ventured into the crowd and brought the party atmosphere up close. It has been over a year since Crashrocket has played this venue. I don’t think Earl’s Hideaway will let that much time pass again as this night’s crowd really was having a great time!



Glenn Bailey – Vocals/Guitar

Brian Magner – Guitar/Vocals

Jenie Ashbaugh – Drums/Vocals

Paul Murphy – Bass/Vocals


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Come Together  (Beatles cover)

Good Lovin Gone Bad  (Bad Company cover)

Anyway You Want It   (Journey cover)

Open Arms  (Journey cover)

All My Life  (Foo Fighters cover)

Walk This Way  (Aerosmith cover)

Sweet Emotion  (Aerosmith cover)

Hard to Handle  (Black Crowes cover)

The Ocean  (Led Zeppelin cover)

Ex’s & Oh’s  (Elle King cover)

Stop Dragging My Heart Around  (Stevie Nicks cover)

Like The Way

Dreams  (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Middle of The Road  (The Pretenders cover)

Shine  (Collective Sould cover)

Evenflow  (Pearl Jam cover)

Serpent  (Original)

Run Like Hell  (Pink Floyd cover)





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